Project Ara might be the first name that comes to mind when you think of modular smartphones, but we’re still a long way before it becomes a commercially viable product, both for the maker, and for the consumer. But if you are a fan of the concept, you could be interested in Nexpaq, a modular smartphone case that lets you customize it by adding new features to it.

nexpaq modular smartphone case

With Nexpaq case, you can easily customize, enhance, and add features to your smartphone through the case. You can add and remove physical “modules” from the back of your case, without even having to shut down your device. Of course, you can’t go inside the device, but if it already comes with plenty of power, then you can do some nice customization on the outside.

The Nexpaq case comes wtih a built-in battery of a 1000 mAh capacity that you can use as as extra juice for your smartphone and also to power all of the modules. At the moment, Nexpaq comes with 12 different modules, as follows:

  • Battery power – you get up to 90% extra battery life for your smartphone, and around 30-60% more for your modules
  • Amplified speaker – this module will make your phone’s speaker between 30-60% louder
  • Super LED flashlight – you can use this to see in the dark but also to take much better photos
  • SD card reader – if your internal storage, as well as your card reader already full, why not go for another one?
  • Temperature and humidity sensor – by adding this module, you will be able to become a little scientists and impress your kids
  • Hotkeys – this will allow you to set up shortcuts to quickly access features that you use the most on your phone
  • USB flash – even more storage, as you can add a 32GB or a 64GB unit
  • Air sensor – by using this, your smartphone will be able to tell what’s the quality of the air you’re breathing
  • Breathalyzer – if you’ve been to a party and you feel like you drank too much, then you need to take an alcohol test

At the moment, Nexpaq will work only with iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6Edge or the Samsung Galaxy S5, but the team said they are busy bringing it to even more devices. Nexpaq also claims to be the first and only modular technology that can be swapped between Android and iPhones.

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