Nowadays, we use our emails to store and send sensitive information, and we don’t always take the right measures to protect it. And even if you have all the right tools and you follow all the security advice, there’s still some risk involved, because that’s the world we live in. Many of us use Gmail to communicate, and Google wants to make sure we don’t fall prey to phishing attacks.

password alert chrome extension

That’s why Google has made available for download a free Chrome extension which protects your Google and Google Apps for Work accounts. So, by installing this Chrome extension, whenever you will enter your Gmail or Google for Work password into anywhere other than, then you’ll receive an alert or you will be able to change your password if needed.

Password Alert detects fake Google sign-in pages and alerts you before you’ve typed in your password, so that you don’t fall prey to online fraudsters. Just follow the link from above, download it and Password Alert will initialize itself the next time you enter your password into You will then receive a notification like in the above screenshot.

However, you need to know that Password Alert doesn’t store your password or keystrokes but rather it keeps a secure thumbnail of your password, which it compares against a thumbnail of your most recent keystrokes inside the Chrome browsers. Password Alert only operates inside the Chrome web browser when Javascript is enabled and it also doesn’t protect passwords for non-Google services.

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