Many of us smartphone owners use our handsets as the primary devices for taking pictures. I know I’m not the only one who almost forgotten he still has a traditional camera lying somewhere. And as our smartphones are getting better and better at taking pictures, the number of those who still use a camera more is decreasing fast.

dx one compact camera iphone

So if you own a phone which has a pretty good camera, you are probably looking for various accessories which could further improve its use. But there are also gadgets which simple attach to your device and let you enjoy their features. Such as is the case with the DxO One camera, which claims it can bring DSLR-quality photos to your iPhone with its 20.2MP sensor.

The new gadget attaches to the bottom of your iPhone or iPad by using the Lightning port. This is a pretty small and comfortable to use camera, measuring 2.65-inch and weighing just 108 grams. It comes with a 1.8/f lens on a 1-inch, 20 megapixel sensor and also gets a MicroSD slot.  dx one compact camera iphone. dslr

The camera pairs with a free iPhone app to allow the users to control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the rest of the hardware. The pictures are being saved in what DxO One calls ‘SuperRAW’, a format which has four RAW images captured and merged together when the camera is connected to a Mac or PC.

The JPG pictures that it takes are instantly being transferred to your iPhone. Even if you can control it almost completely from your iPhone, it still features a physical shutter button. The camera can move 60 degrees in either direction for angled shooting, and it also allows you to take some really high-quality selfie pictures.

The single drawback with this lovely gadget is that it’s quite expensive, as you will have to shell out a nice $599 to get it.

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