Our smartphones are some very useful devices but they can become dangerous distractions when performing such actions as driving. Even if you mount your handset on a special car stand, you might still be tempted to check that message you’ve just received or to send a quick email that you’ve forgot to send this morning.

drivemode android app

Many of us use our phones for navigation, but everything gets messed up when we receive a call. That’s why I’m sure you’ll welcome the introduction of new app Drivemode on the Google Play Store. The aim of the new app is to let you continue using your phone while not endangering your safety during your car trips.

Drivemode lets you easily answer and make calls without blocking your navigation, and you can also control your music with a simple swipe drivemode andoridand tap. At the moment the app works with Spotify and Google Play at its best, but you can use Pandora, as well, while other similar services are said to be making their way into a future version.

When someone calls you and you can’t reply or you get a message, you can customize your texts to auto-reply instead of “texting and driving”. The app makes use of mix of voice narration, bright colors and big animations so that you only need your peripheral vision to interact with it, so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

The app is also very smart and it can automatically change your navigation destination when a text message with a street address is received. Furthermore, it comes with end-to-end voice messaging between Drivemode users, so if your friends or family are using the same app, you can communicate inside the app.

The app comes with automatic read-out for incoming messages and comes with a night driving mode, as well. All these features have pretty much convinced me to give it a try, not to mention that it’s completely free. Have a look at the video from below to see the app in action and decide whether you’d be interested in giving it a try.

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