The last month of September has been filled with smartphone launches and many other related announcements, just when we thought that LG had been missing on the September action, it seems to have announced a device just in time. The LG V10 is being touted as a premium phone and it will be the first device in the LGs new “V” series lineup. The new lineup of smartphones will feature a bumped up hardware along with a build made up of more premium materials.


That being said, the new V10 borrows most of its innards from the LG G4 and the list includes the same Snapdragon 808 processor, 16-Megapixel primary camera and 3000mAh battery. The RAM capacity however might be increased by an extra GB. The V10 is built out of stainless steel and silicon which imparts a premium and sleek look to the device.

The most unique feature of V10 has to be the dual screen setup, the main 5.7-inch QHD display is complemented by a smaller screen which is always on and can do many things, somewhat similar to the Galaxy Edge smartphones albeit the fact that the screen wraps around horizontally. The second screen can be used for accessing favorite contacts, beam notifications and maybe quick launch some apps.

The list of exclusive features in the V10 doesn’t just stop here, LG has equipped the device with a dual front camera setup which is made up of two 5-Megapixel cameras but with varied field of view. While one of the lens comes with a view of 120 degrees and the other one is a tab bit narrow at 80 degrees, the company claims that the software will blend both the image taken by the two lenses.

LG seems to be pushing the envelope further on the imaging side, the V10 will offer users manual control over several parameters like Shutter speed, ISO, white balance, frame rate and focus. Just like the G4, the V10 can shoot video in HD, FHD and UHD resolutions. The camera sensor comes with optical image stabilization and electronic digital stabilization along with an choice to shoot the video in 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio.

LGs new V10 will surely command a greater price tag (~$680) and it will be available in South Korea starting this month and will soon make its way to US, China and other countries. The V10 will be available in five color schemes including black, white, beige and two different tones of blue, the V10 comes only in a 64GB variant.

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