Google Creative Labs, the group which has been working on photo and location based apps has unveiled a new wallpaper, called Meter, for Android phones which will beam some useful information about your device stats. The live wallpaper will shuffle between Battery, WiFi and Notification indicator on the wallpaper. The only apparent advantage of this live wallpaper seems to be the fact that the indicators come in an enlarged and more creative shapes.


However the app seems to be working for Android 5.0 and further as we couldn’t install it on a device running Android KitKat 4.4.4. The notifications are dynamic in nature and they seem to be pulling the data on real time basis, we are yet to observe if this new live wallpaper will make any impact on the battery life. The notifications will get changed once you lock, unlock, close apps and shuffle between the apps. The essence of the application is that it brings the notifications in a slightly more livelier and bigger form on the screen. That being said, Meter is still in v1.0 and we are sure that Google will add many more features in the upcoming iterations of the application.

Maybe Google can come up with a glance screen like Lumia or Active Display like Motorola which is a great tool to keep a tab on updates and notifications without waking up the device. Meter app is available for download directly from the Play Store and you can very well give it a spin.

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