iSing is a pretty famous Karaoke app that will make you sing along in many different languages like English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Portuguese and others. Now the app has started a Bollywood section stocked with karaoke tracks of some of the famous Hindi songs. If you’ve checked our list of best karaoke apps, you’d know that there’s a serious dearth of hindi karaoke apps. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore.


The Android app requires you to sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram login credentials and this will enable you to record the songs in MP3 or MV format, users will also be allowed to upload their recordings and listen to others recording, thus creating a virtual karaoke club right in your phone.

The iSing app also boasts of an option to change the volume of the recorded vocals and change some of the aspects like pitch of the voice. Moreover users can also add effects to the app before sharing it to the social media, somewhat similar to the filters we apply in our smartphone camera apps.

If you are smitten by someone’s voice you can search them and get in touch, this app can be handy for people who want to take up singing seriously. While the collections of songs is not very extensive, we still don’t find a reason to complain as it is evident that the new karaoke tracks will be added gradually. In fact, we can safely say that it’s already the best bollywood karaoke app available. The top hits section has some impressive collection of karaoke tracks from recent movies.

Interestingly iSing also comes with a forum called as Songbook where in users can request the songs they want. That being said, currently the requests are being taken only for English, Taiwanese, Japanese and Thai songs. iSing claims that it has over 200,000 users and 100,000 songs across languages and genres.

The app seems to be well endowed with the essential features, however it would be great if it supported cast, so that one could simply cast the screen in a pub or a public gathering. All said and done, iSing is quiet an impressive Karaoke app trying to blend locally.

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