Samsung had recently launched its Galaxy J3 in India and along with it came a feature called S Bike Mode. Samsung has been touting the feature every now and then in TV commercials and other ads. This has kind of made people curious and we have had many people asking us about the feature. In this segment we will explain what exactly is Samsung’s S Bike Mode and how it can come in handy.



Since most of us travel to offices and other places on two wheeler it is but obvious that we need to address a solution to attend phone calls. Cars on the other hand already have handsfree and advanced Bluetooth system that helps us to use our smartphones. Samsung seems to have diverted some of their efforts to come up with a Bike-Mode which would exclusively cater for the bikers. The S Bike Mode is an advanced for of user profile that is customized to manage calls and other forms of communication en route a journey.

How it Works

Here is a sneak peek at how it works, the Galaxy J3 comes with a NFC reader that can read tags. All you need to do is stick the S Bike Mode sticker to the tank and just tap on it before starting your journey. In essence the tag is simply a trigger for the feature to work.

Advanced Call alert system

Most of the time we mute our phones completely while riding our bike or keep it in vibration mode. The chances are that we might miss out on most of the notification and call. However, the call alert system in the Galaxy J3 informs the caller that you are riding and will ask them to press 1 if the call is urgent enough. This will make sure that only urgent calls are relayed to the users.

Safety Lock

Calls and Message notification can be distracting and in some of the cases might cause a fatal accident as well. It is for this reason that Samsung has introduced the Motion Lock that detects when the biker has stopped and only after that lets him answer the call.

Logs and Dashboard

Users will also be treated to a detailed log of what and all they missed. Furthermore, the bike mode also comes with an impromptu answering machine that lets users send a preset message. When introduced Samsung had also teamed up with Freecharge to award the most responsible rider.


It is often the bikers that are left in lurch whenever new technologies hit the market, heck most of the malls and restaurants don’t even have a stowage space for bikers to store their helmet. We have seen Microsoft’s Blue and Me make its way into many cars but same is not the case with Bikes. It is good to see the care Samsung has showered on the large community of two-wheeler riders and it is features like this that will go a long way in developing rapport with the consumers.


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