Microsoft Edge Browser has been around for a while, ironically the only scenario where I used Edge Browser was to stream Apple events! That apart Edge Browser was initially riddled with bugs and performance issues bogged it down further. Now this has lead Microsoft to campaign aggressively for the Edge browsers goodwill and the company have been making claims of how the Browser is one of the best in its league.


Netflix comes with some niggles and one of the is that you can’t stream videos at 1080p on PC browsers. Microsoft, however, said in a blog post that the Edge Browser can stream the videos at 1080p and further PC World confirmed the same with its tests. At this juncture, Netflix is offering a maximum resolution of 1080p on PC browser while selected few smart TV’s and streaming boxes do get 4K Support. Now while 1080p is doable on PC it kind of hurts to watch in 720p.

I guess it is time for us to give Edge browser a shot considering that it is the only browser that offers 1080p streaming on Netflix. The Edge Browser was conceived to replace the age -old Internet Explorer but it did fall flat on some of the aspects which also included performance issues. Unlike other browsers Edge has only recently announced its extensions and as of now the extension ecosystem is still in its infancy. Other than the Netflix thingy Edge browser also seems to triumph other browsers when it comes to Jetstream 1.1, Octane 2.0 JavaScript benchmarks inadvertently suggesting that it is one of the fastest browsers around.

If you feel that you are not ready for Edge browser yet and still want to watch Netflix videos at 1080p, fret not. The Windows Netflix app will let you do so without much of a fuss.

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