Imagine the pain that one has to go through if they find their prized possession missing from the driveway or a place they parked it at. Car thefts are nothing new in this world but with the advent of technology the ways to prevent your car stolen are very effective. Automatic Pro is an OBD car adapter that can be plugged in your car and will track it continuously on real time basis. The best part of Automatic Pro has to be the 3G connectivity which will beam alerts whenever the car starts and parks. So no more fiddling around with your phone’s Bluetooth to connect with your car.


The Automatic Pro just doesn’t stop at tracking your car and it does offer a bunch of other intuitive features which will eventually help you monitor your automobile in a better way. Also, the device comes laced with IFTTT support which means that the app will tell you why your check engine light is on or if any of your engine sensors have gone kaput. Furthermore, you can just send a text to someone when you leave or maybe automatically open the garage door as you arrive at the driveway.

Crash Alert feature is yet another highlight of Automatic Pro – it is this feature that will alert responders with your car’s status and location in case of an accident. These responders will be online 24/7 and will also relay the news to your emergency contact. The automatic adapter can simply be plugged into the OBD-11 Data Link Connector which is present in most of the cars manufactured after 1996 (in India the OBD-II Data Link marked its presence only after the 2000’s). All this for $129 doesn’t seem like a bad deal after all and yes the Automatic Pro is better than most of the car locators that the automobile dealers offer as an accessory. Sadly, the device is meant to work only in the US, and practically useless everywhere else.

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