Google has been attempting to cultivate a one-stop shop for planning trips and vacations for quite some time now. They not long ago introduced a dedicated mobile interface for exploring destinations when you search them online which grouped essentials such as suggested itineraries, tickets, places to see all in a single place. Now, however, the company has introduced a new mobile application for iOS and Android – “Trips” that essentially, functions as an ultimate trip planner featuring every aspect you would expect from a tourism platform.


Google Trips is a free new app that attempts to ease the process of trip planning by acting as an intelligent travel guide and organizing everything from plane tickets to reservations under a single roof. Trips can fetch booking information from your email accounts, offer comprehensive guides to over 200 cities right now and can recommend personalized itineraries based on your search history and journey timeline. Additionally, it allows you to manually pick out places and create your own custom itinerary that better suit your interests. Although, the best part of all of this, is that Google Trips can work offline. That’s right, with a single button press, the app can store every trip or destination detail locally and allows you to explore even when there’s no network which is one of the most sparkling and unique features for avid travellers. You’ll need to mandatorily sign up using your Google account. Furthermore, you can specifically mention how much time you’ve on particular day and Trips can suggest the most important and plausible places to see in that period.


Moreover, Trips is more than just a tour guide, the app can intelligently read weather conditions and display attractions and activities to do accordingly. If you’re going to a particular location, the app will rearrange its recommendations to match your surroundings. It’s a brilliant idea and makes absolute sense that Google is building it given their vast search data. Google Trips is now available for free on the Play Store and iOS App store.

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