At an event held in San Francisco, Google has announced a brand new Chromecast dubbed the Google Chromecast Ultra. The major improvement in the Chromecast this time around is the support for 4K videos.

google chromecast ultra

With the increasing popularity of 4K content on the web especially in streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and even the company’s own YouTube, Google decided to roll out a slight modified version the Chromecast. Essentially this looks nearly similar to its predecessor except for some subtle changes here and there. The Google Chromecast Ultra comes in a flat round shape with the prominent G logo facing upwards. The company has also included an Ethernet port in the power cable of the Chromecast this time around. This is specifically design keeping the usage scenario of those users who generally prefer using broadband data than their wireless data for video consumption, especially something as consumptive as 4K.


Apart from streaming 4K content directly onto your TV, the Google Chromecast Ultra can also support HDR content including both HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats. Google claims that their Chromecast Ultra is capable of loading videos 1.8 times faster than the standard Chromecast. This apparently is due to the presence of an improved WiFi on the inside. That said, the Google Chromecast Ultra is capable of working along with the recently launched Google Home thereby delivering a holistic experience to its users.

All these added niceties however come at a cost. Rather the Google Chromecast Ultra is twice as costly as its predecessor at $69 (Rs 4,600 approx.) Just for comparison the Chromecast 2 from Google retails in India for a price of Rs 3,399. The device will go on sale in US in November followed by a global rollout in a total of 16 countries including India.

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