Last week around Samsung’s Art PC had caught the attention of the Internet after the pre-order page leaked the details. The artistically designed cylinder shaped desktop PC spelled a new era devoid of the cube-shaped ugly CPU cabinets. Now, however, Samsung has started taking preorders for the ArtPC and claims that it is a premium PC which “challenges traditional perceptions of how a desktop PC should look and operate.”

Accompanying the rather sleek cylindrical design is a pulse light that glows in different colors and kind of acts like a personal notification center, something that we usually find on our Android phones. Needless to say one can configure the color for the notifications. The Cylindrical form factor that we are now talking about is chiseled out of metal and it houses a 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with an option of up to 16GB RAM. On the storage front, the ArtPC suffices with a 256GB SSD along with a 1HDD module. The graphics affairs will be handled by the AMD Radeon RX460.

Thankfully, Samsung has not forgotten the audio aspect of this desktop and as a result, one gets a 360-Degree Harman/Kardon speaker that is expected to provide a top-notch audio experience. Now comes the most interesting aspect of this machine, the modularity, yes the ArtPC is modular in nature and what this means is that you can stack up an additional module to increase the space. Just to keep up with its artistic aspirations Samsung ships the ArtPC with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Well, all of this will set you aback by $1200 ($1599 for Core i7) and that is for the base configurations but again if aesthetics triumphs value for money than the ArtPC is something that will adore your worktable for long, even years after its technologically obsolete. The connectivity options include a 4X USB 3.0 and a 1X USB TYPE-C.

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