Most of us who prefer stock Android setup have mostly been relying on Google Play Music for our needs along with other third-party streaming services like Spotify or Pandora. Personally, Google Play Music has been my preferred destination for listening to  offline music and also buying single tracks. Google has now updated the app completely and has laid much needed emphasize on context and music discovery.


The Google Play Music now makes use of machine learning and gathers different clues including your location, activity, weather and then it tries to match the data with soundtracks that would suit the occasion. In essence, this is something Google has already been doing in Google Now but with this update, the feature has also been extended to the Music Player.

Well, as expected the app needs users to opt in and once that is done it will start notifying the users with customized playlists and music. The app refreshes its selection every time it’s opened and tries hard to assist you with the best music selection. Take, for instance, you are hitting the club on a Friday night and decide to listen to music en route, the app will automatically curate some feet tapping tunes that can set you in the mood. As with most of the Google Now feature the Music leverages the amount of data Google has access to. I mean it can take a peek at your Gmail inbox, Calendar appointments and maybe even Google Assistant queries to judge the perfect song for you.

In line with all the other apps based on Machine Learning, the Google Play Music is also expected to take some time learning your preferences and the more you use the better it gets. Google claims that the app is now more like a personal DJ and can get you going in any mood. The app is available starting this week on Android, IOS, and the web, the assist experience will be rolled out to 62 countries.

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