Despite the ever-progressing tourism sector, deciding on a destination for your next holiday is still an incredibly agonizing task. That is especially true if you’re on a tight budget. Usage of tech in tourism sector still hasn’t advanced beyond the usual hotel booking and car renting. Fortunately, startups have taken notice and we’ve seen some decent attempts in the recent past for tackling this situation. However, a new company comprising of two brothers has unveiled a platform – DESTIGOGO that lets you browse through locations based on your budget and interests.

destigogo helps you choose vacation destinations based on your budget & interests - designgogo demo

DESTIGOGO’s agenda is quite straightforward – it suggests you places according to what you need precisely. On the landing page, it takes inputs for the currency, an estimated budget per person, holiday duration, and more importantly, the factors you are looking for. These include adventure, road trip, city, sun, and snow or you can just leave it empty for random results. Hit search, and the website shows a comprehensive grid of holiday packages you can consider. This is not really a booking website, it’s fundamentally a travel search engine.

The outcome displays places based on the approximate expenditures which also includes accommodation and flight costs. Tapping an entry will reveal further information such as basic literature about the place, hotel choices which are powered by a couple of other services such as, and a search section for flights which leverage Skyscanner’s database.

You can even feed in your contact information if you want DESTIGOGO to remind you about these results sometime later. And of course, there’s a search bar for browsing specific destinations. There are a few other filters you can apply before searching through by hitting the advanced options’ icon including travel mediums, period, excluded regions, travel distance, and a couple more. While DESTIGOGO doesn’t offer a native mobile application currently, the web app is quite impressive and should suffice for most users.

DESTIGOGO is certainly a breath of fresh air in the midst of a booming sector that still lacks a proper employing of modern tech and algorithms by bringing everything into one coherent place. It’s still though far from perfect, although it would be unfair to provide a conclusion as of now. Having said that, you should stop by before heading on your next adventure.

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