Apple has reportedly placed an order for an additional 60 million AMOLED panels from the display wing of its arch-rival, Samsung Electronics. This comes soon after the Cupertino giant inked a deal with Samsung Display for supplying a total of 100 million OLED panels.

apple samsung oled panels iphone 8

It is believed that all these OLED displays, that are reportedly being sourced from Samsung, would be brought to use in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. The latest contract signed by Samsung Display and Apple is, in fact, worth $4.3 billion.

For those unaware of the development, Apple is rumored to be moving away from the IPS LCD panels for their iPhones and iPads in favour of contemporary OLED panels. In fact, Apple has been quite late to join the OLED bandwagon, as by now most smartphone manufacturers has already started using LED panels for their flagship devices. With that said, industry reports reveal that all the variants of the Apple iPhone 8 wouldn’t be getting the OLED touch. On the contrary, Apple is reported to use the 5.5-inch AMOLED panels sourced from Samsung in only the premium variant of the iPhone 8. The other two variants, however, are said to come with standard LCD panels. Industry analysts opine that Apple will be going slow with their adoption of OLED panels and may not fully adopt the same for all its model before 2019. The latest order for 60 million OLED panels from Samsung, however, make us believe otherwise.

Considering the fact that Apple ships close to 200 million iPhones globally each year, the already placed orders for 160 million OLED panels makes it hard to believe that all the iPhone 8 variants wouldn’t be receiving the OLED treatment. It is, however, worth noting the Tim Cook led firm may be expecting an increased demand for the iPhone 8 once it is unveiled around September this year. And that may be the only reason to justify the order for such large volumes of OLED panels.

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