ACT Fibernet has launched a new 1Gbps Plan with a FUP limit of 1TB in Hyderabad. The Plan is priced at Rs 5,999 and is aimed at startups and smaller businesses in the city. ACT Fibernet is expected to expand the 1Gbps wired internet to 10 other cities in which the company already has a presence. The company claims that it is the largest broadband provider is the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad thanks to the market share that exceeds 65%.

act fibernet launches 1gbps broadband service with 1tb of data usage in hyderabad - act fibernet logo

ACT Fibernet is headquartered in Bengaluru and it operates in 11 cities across India and has been the leading service provider in these locations. According to the company, the new plan is expected to bring about a disruption in data usage trends and will help startups with their connectivity needs.

The Giga enabled ACT Fibernet is expected to usher Hyderabad as a city with one of the best connectivity options as the country average speed still languishes at 2.5Mbps. Furthermore, not many cities in the world have access to a scaled up Giga enabled network. In fact, Giga speeds mean that one could download things from the internet faster than a transfer from an USB pen drive.

“With our citizens and the government moving towards the Digital India movement, high-speed internet is the need of the hour. With the launch of our 1 Gbps broadband internet service, it gives me immense pride to turn this dream into reality. The city of Hyderabad is apt for our maiden launch as it has some of the best technology brands, educational institutions and a vibrant economy”- Bala Malladi, CEO, ACT Fibernet

In the meanwhile Reliance Jio has already been testing its Giga services in many locations across Mumbai and Pune. Jio is expected to offer 60GB of daily usage at Rs 5000. That said Reliance Jio is expected to sweeten the deal with introductory offers just like how they did it with the Jio 4G services.

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