WhatsApp has just rolled out a much-needed feature on the latest beta version of its Android app. The popular messaging app is now allowing users to pin popular chats to the top of the conversation list. This feature falls in line with the pinned tweet option found on Twitter. We expect this feature to eventually make it to the final builds of Android and iPhone.

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How to Download Latest Beta Build of WhatsApp?

The pinned chat feature is currently available in the latest 2.7.163 build of the app. That said, the feature first rolled out in 2.7.162 version of the Android app. To make use of this new feature, you can simply download the apk of the app from APK Mirror link here. Alternatively, you can sign up to become a WhatsApp beta tester on the Play store. Thereafter, the latest beta build of the app would be automatically downloaded onto your phone.

How to Pin a Chat conversation on WhatsApp?

On opening WhatsApp, simply click on a conversation string of your choice and long press it. This opens up a horizontal menu on the chat boxes. Thereafter select the pin option from this menu. Well, that’s all you need to do! In this fashion, you can pin a total of three popular chats. After that, you need to unpin any of these three pinned chats if you plan to add a new one. This pinned feature comes in handy in a number of occasions.

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Consider you frequently chat with a friend or a colleague of yours. Then you can add his chat box to the top of the conversation list. In this way, you are saving yourself from the hassle of scrolling down the entire chat box or using the search feature. Apart from that, we often share some valuable information on WhatsApp. Say, for example, you have a plan to buy groceries on your way to home from work, and your wife has forwarded you the grocery list. Then you can always pin the chat to the top for faster access to the list. There’s may be a wide variety of use cases.

How to Unpin a Chat coversation on WhatsApp?

Unpinning a chat is as simple as pinning it. Simply long press the pinned chat. Now, the horizontal menu would crop up yet again. Then select the unpin option from there and you are all set.

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