Google has now added a new personal tab section in its search engine result in a bid to make search more customized and personalized for its users. The Personal tab which is gradually showing up for a number of Google users worldwide is very similar to the Image, News, Video and a few other tabs that were present on search results till now.

The presence of the Personal tab was first reported by a Twitter user two days back. This feature shows up only when you are logged into your Google account while searching the web from your browser. That aside, the tab is currently hidden for most users inside the ‘More’ option in the search results. So basically, you need to click on the ‘More’ tab and then select Personal to view this feature.

google personal tab search feature

With the Personal tab, Google is trying to gather information related to your search term from your various GSuite accounts including Gmail and Google Photos library. Currently, on typing in a search term, it’s showing a string of related emails containing the same phrase from my Gmail account. Some users are also reporting that photos too are coming up in the personal tab section. It seems that the feature isn’t fully functional yet, and will be gradually rolling out to all Google users worldwide.

While the personal tab is indeed something new, but this isn’t the first time the MountainView based giant is showing personalized search results from your Google accounts. It had initially starting showing relevant personalized information drawn from your Gmail back in 2012. Ever since then, it has gone on to improve the feature and have made it useful than ever. Now even when you search for Amazon on the web, it shows a section on the top of the search results related to the status of your current order on the e-commerce platform, if any.

google personal tab search feature

With that said, it would be interesting to see how the addition of this personal tab is accepted by millions of Google users worldwide. Is it really that useful? What do you think, let us know in the comments down below.

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