Google has given its Drive a new spin, no they are not offering unlimited storage like Amazon did a couple of years ago but instead the company is prepping up a new backup tool. The specialty of the backup tool is that it lets you backup an entire drive in the cloud and will also include documents folder and other custom locations. The app will mostly be launched as a separate app and will not be merged with Google Drive.

google drive will soon be able to backup your entire hard drive - google backup

The new app is expected to be released on 28th this month, and it will be called Backup and Sync. In all likelihood, the Backup and Sync might replace Google Drive App and the Google Photos Backup app when it comes to certain use cases. That being said the app would be available for only the regular users and the business users will probably have to wait for a while before an enterprise edition is launched.

Google is yet to explain how the backup feature will work and whether we will be able to sync the files back on other computers. However, all the files will be counted against your storage quota on the Drive, and this means that most of the free users with 15GB of data will have to upgrade and pay for more storage.

All said and done the Backup feature seems to be the need of the hour since most of us use the Google Drive in conjunction with other Google products like the Photos and it’s always better to have all the stuff in a single place. Until now I have been syncing the important folders on my Mac to the Google Drive, but the Backup and Sync will make it more intuitive and efficient.

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