The charm of the paper and pen is unnervingly addictive, even today I use my diary and pen whenever possible. That being said, in the current digital scenario, the paper doesn’t fit in very well, for this reason, I use a smart notepad called Rocketbook. However, Moleskin Smart Planner is all set to offer the charm of writing on paper and a novel way to document the same digitally.

The Moleskin Smart Planner is bundled with a Livescribe pen which has sensors in it and reads your handwriting. Considering that you have made the entry against a date, the smart planner recognizes the same and then syncs the appointment to Google Calendar. Eventually one can sync the same to iCloud and Outlook.

Moleskin SmartPlanner is pricey indeed at $199 and the, replacement costs $29/year for a new planner. In case you don’t want to invest on a physical planner you can buy a Livescribe pen separately for $179 and pair it with compatible books that usually end up costing less than $20. Alternatively, you can also buy the Time Page app from the App Store at $4.99 just in case you don’t want to return to paper.

The Moleskin CEO also reveals an interesting statistic that their stores usually perform better while they are in the vicinity of an Apple Stores. That being said most of us have shifted to the digital and end up taking over notes on apps like Evernote, Google Keep and OneNote. That being said I still have a gripe about such solutions, the scanning is often not that easy (from my personal experience) and is time-consuming. If you are depending on Optical Character Recognition then the things start getting worse. Are you on a lookout for a digital-paper-pen solution? If yes will you be interested in the Moleskin Smart Planner? Let us know in the comments section below.

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