I’m probably the worst customer for selling a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Most of them don’t seem to fit my awfully shaped ears, the ones that do are not comfortable enough, I have a peculiar audio preference, and I just don’t find them as convenient as just plugging a wire in. So, when Sennheiser sent me their new Momentum M2 wireless headset to test out, I was skeptical. After all, I didn’t want to hamper the future of a product that costs Rs 14,999 with a highly cynical review.

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Fortunately, that won’t happen as the Sennheiser M2 has done nothing but impressed over the past ten days I have been carrying it around my neck. It has a premium leather design, lucid sound and more importantly, will fit any ungodly set of ears you throw at it thanks to the wide range of extra buds that Sennheiser bundles. But is it worthy enough to justify that lavish price tag? Let’s find out.

I have never assessed headphones based on how they look. Of course, that doesn’t mean I will buy them in pink even if the price was a bit lower. The Momentum M2, however, changed that. Right from when you unbox it, you realize Sennheiser is not just betting on the sound quality with this one. From the plush case to the black leather material, the Momentum M2 seem to be built to impress on the first glance. In addition to that, parts of it like the threading have a subtle dash of red which fabricates an elegant overall aesthetic.

Not Just for the Audiophile

Moreover, because of the aesthetics, the M2 manages to dissolve in almost anything you wear which is important as hanging a band below your head all the time isn’t the prettiest way to embrace the wireless future. The soft fabric doesn’t bite into your neck or produce any sort of discomfort if you plan on using it for longer sessions such as on a flight.

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On top of that, the meticulously thought out shape for the band makes sure it doesn’t feel uneven on either sides and balances perfectly irrespective of whatever you are doing. It is lightweight as well, measuring at just over 50 grams. The bottom line here is that the Momentum M2 is undoubtedly one of the most appealing headsets I have lived with and I doubt it will be replaced anytime soon, at least in this price bracket.

However, a plastic version of M2 is not available, meaning you should not purchase these if you workout a lot. Naturally, the headset is not water resistant. Another minor drawback is the lack of magnetic earbuds so that you can wear the headset as a necklace when not in use. You probably won’t feel the need for this, but as a Jabra customer, I did a few times.

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There are four buttons situated on the left side of the M2 – one for turning it on or off, pause/play, volume up and down. You can also long-press the volume rockers for navigating around the playlist. It charges over a MicroUSB port, cable for which Sennheiser includes in the box. A LED indicator is also located above the buttons which lets you know when to take it off charge. You can connect your device to the headset through either NFC or Bluetooth. Moreover, two devices can be linked simultaneously.

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However, you obviously care about how it sounds than anything else. The Momentum M2 is capable of producing clear and dynamic audio. The bass can be a tad aggressive, but you can fine-tune it with Sennheiser’s Captune mobile app. It’s adequately loud, although unlike how it’s on other headsets, the output here doesn’t loses its details at higher levels. Drums sound powerful with every beat having a deep punch of its own. However, these qualities won’t be apparent if you are streaming on low quality.

Let That Sink in

The Momentum M2 also supports noise isolation, but it’s not as effective as the noise cancellation you will find on Bose’s offerings. It can curtail the majority of the external jitter, although as I said, it’s not the best. The Surround Sound distribution is perhaps one of my favorite aspects of M2. Once you become comfortable with the setting, it can certainly sink the listener in with its accurate delivery of highs and lows. Despite that, you can effortlessly differentiate between the vocals and the background music which isn’t something every headset can achieve. Input from the mic is quite clear as well.

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Furthermore, the headset is also compatible with Qualcomm’s apt-X standard if your phone supports it. In terms of battery life, the M2 reaffirms Sennheiser’s claims for 10 hours. This can, of course, vary based on your usage. Speaking of the battery, there’s no way to check the level on Android despite the fact that Sennheiser has a dedicated app for tuning the equalizer.

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The Sennheiser Momentum M2, without a doubt, belongs right at the top of any Bluetooth headset league. They sound magnificent, last long, and come with a design that won’t fall off your ears. Should you spend Rs 14,999 (or $195 in the US) on them? I would say yes if you are looking to buy a new one in the range.

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