Google, along with a series of new phones and smart home speakers, has announced a camera accessory called Google Clips. The tiny camera can be clipped onto various everyday things like your shirt, and it will automatically click seven-second moving images using machine learning without any interventions from you whatsoever. It will cost $249. However, Google didn’t announce any availability details just yet.

google clips is a $249 clip-on camera that uses machine learning to click pictures automatically - google clips

Google says the camera’s hands-free functionality will allow you to capture more spontaneous moments. There’s still a shutter button you can use, however. You can preview the shots later on your phone and even fabricate a short movie out of them. Google Clips is designed to always sit in a room’s corner or attached to the wall of your living room. The 12-megapixel sensor features an aperture of f/2.4 and a 130-degree field of view. It has 8GB of storage and the Standby time should last on the order of “days.”

Google Clips employs a series of AI-based algorithms to detect the moments worth taking pictures of and accordingly, functions in various scenarios. It learns faces over time and tries to take more photos of those people and fewer photos of strangers. Design-wise, it’s just a two-inches square with the lens in the middle. As of now, Google Clips is only compatible with a handful of phones. These including their own Pixel lineup, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 or S8 series and the iPhones.


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