Google has just announced a new pair of headphones. Guess what; it’s not just your ordinary earbuds. It is called the Google Pixel Buds. The Pixel Buds are equipped with Google Assistant, thereby enabling you to do stuff you never thought of doing with an earphone.

Google Pixel Buds are a Bluetooth powered earphone that can be carried around in a pocket-sized fabric charging case. It is, in fact, the first wireless earphones from Google. The earbuds are circular in shape and come in three color options – Kinda Blue, Clearly White and Just Black – enough to match the new Pixel 2 phone.

Ok, Google!

The Google Pixel Buds feature a wide range of gesture controls including swipes or touches to change songs, answer phone calls and even adjust volume. Additionally, you can switch on the Google Assistant by simply touching the right earbud. The built-in smart assistant can alert you regarding a calendar event, read out an incoming message, play music, make a phone call, get directions and much more.

google pixel buds

Power to Speak in 40 Languages Almost Instantly

With that said, the most interesting thing about the Google Assistant integration into Pixel Buds is the ability to use Google Translate. Basically, the Google Pixel Buds can translate languages real time using Google Translate. So, you no longer need to worry about talking to your international colleague, as both of you can now speak your native languages over the phone while the Pixel Buds gets the rest done. Moreover, it gives you the power to fluently speak a foreign language without having any prior knowledge about it. All you need to do is to hold down on the right earbud and say “Help me speak Italian”. Now, as you speak your Pixel phone’s speaker will play aloud the translation in Italian. Isn’t it cool, huh? Google Pixel Buds currently supports 40 international languages courtesy Google.

google pixel buds

Google Pixel Buds Price and Availability

The Pixel Buds may offer a lot more functionality than your ordinary earbuds, but it doesn’t come cheap. Google has priced the Pixel Buds at $159. It will be available in the US starting November, whereas pre-orders start from today. Besides, Google announced that it will bring the Pixel Buds to Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, and Singapore in November.

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