Google Launches Three new Photography Apps Under its “Appsperiments” Series

by: - Last updated on: December 12th, 2017

Google has today introduced a new app program called “appsperiments”. As the name suggests, applications developed under “appsperiments” will be quick and essentially, experimental for both iOS and Android. Google says the series is inspired by the response they received with the launch of “Motion Stills“, an app that lets you turn short clips into cinemagraphs and time lapses. To commemorate the official announcement, Google is releasing three more photography apps under the new series.


google storyboard app

The first one is an Android-only app titled “Storyboard”. Storyboard makes use of a series of algorithms for automatically figuring out the most interesting frames in a video and transforms them together into a single-page comic with the appropriate filters. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, you can even pull down and refresh the elements of the page. Storyboard is free and currently limited to Android.

Google Play Store Link


Selfissimo google app


The next one is “Selfissimo!”, an iOS and Android app which tries to mimic the experience of a photo booth or “an automated selfie photographer”, if you will. Once you tap the start button, “Selfissimo!” continues to click pictures as long as you pose. During this process, “Selfissimo!” will also display random compliments which are nice, I guess?. Tapping the screen will end the session and “Selfissimo!” will produce a collage of all the images as a result. You can, of course, also save them individually.

iOS App Store Link

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scrubbies 1

Lastly, we’ve “Scrubbies” which is probably my favorite among these. “Scrubbies” lets you edit videos by “remixing” them through scratching like a DJ. You can, for instance, highlight a specific action for a moment without pausing the entire clip. To get a better idea, I would suggest watching the GIF located here. “Scrubbies”, unfortunately, is right now an iOS exclusive. Although I do hope the company brings it to Android soon.

iOS App Store Link

Considering Google did eventually bring the Motion Stills app’s abilities to its phones, there’s a good chance these will be made available inside the official Photos and Camera apps in the coming months if all goes well. “Appsperiments” is not the first time a company has introduced an experimental app program either. Microsoft has a similar “Microsoft Garage” team as well which has launched a range of impressive apps in the past year or two.

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