India has had a tremendous past year as far as Internet access and consumption is concerned as operators continue to battle for survival. The most critical factor behind this is, of course, Reliance Jio who has gradually shifted from its complimentary model to a more mainstream one. Ookla, the company behind the popular speed-testing platform — — couldn’t agree more as it publishes its yearly report on mobile data and fixed broadband speeds.

internet speeds in india increased remarkably in 2017: ookla - ookla report india fixed broadband speed2

In Ookla’s annual global report, India ranks at the very top in improving broadband download speed among the most populous countries. With an average of 18.82 Mbps as of November 2017, the country has witnessed a substantial surge of roughly 76.9% leaving China and Unites States at second and third position respectively. If the population factor is not considered, India stands at the fifth spot below Peru and Ghana.

Statistics for the growth of mobile data bandwidth present a similar story as well. On the “World’s Most Populous Countries, Improvement in Mobile Download” chart, India has reserved the second position with a year-on-year improvement of 42.4% and a mean speed of 8.8Mbps. Pakistan has secured the pole position with a yearly rise of 56.2% and 13.08Mbps overall download bandwidth.

internet speeds in india increased remarkably in 2017: ookla - ookla report india fixed broadband speed

In its Global Index worldwide report for the month of November, Ookla had ranked India on the 109th and 76th position in the mobile internet and fixed broadband speed respectively. In addition to that, the report predicts that an increasing demand will further spawn innovation across various mediums in the coming year. It will be interesting to see, especially, how the longtime incumbents will fight off the eccentric foray of Reliance Jio.

Globally, these advancements have contributed significantly leading to a 30% growth in both fixed broadband (40.11Mbps) and mobile data (20.28Mbps) internet speeds. “Mobile and broadband internet speeds in India have certainly evolved in last couple of years. India still has a long way to go to catch up with countries that have top speeds around the world, however, we at Ookla are highly optimistic about the capacity for growth that is available in the Indian market,” added Mr Doug Suttles, Co-Founder and General Manager at Ookla further.

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