Pixel 2’s highly acclaimed Portrait Mode seems to be gradually losing its exclusive availability, unofficially at least. Thanks to the efforts of the developer behind Camera NX, XDA Senior Member Arnova8G2 has now managed to port the feature to a few non-Google phones. The APK, as of now, is functional only on a handful of phones such as the OnePlus 3/3T on OxygenOS 5, Xiaomi Mi5, Moto G5s Plus and more.

developer manages to port pixel 2's portrait mode to a few non-google phones - google pixel2 4

The developer does mention that Android Oreo is a must, however, a lot of users were able to employ the app on an Android Nougat running phone as well. Surprisingly, it also doesn’t require root access. Portrait Mode on this modified app works just as you’d expect and lets you blur the background while shooting with the rear camera.

Unlike the port for Google phones, this seems to be currently not compatible with the front camera and in early stages which essentially you should not use it as your primary camera app. A bunch of testers have always reported they’ve been unable to click regular pictures. As the original Camera NX mod, the APK also supports Google’s HDR+ technology which was ported to other phones long before this.

For installing the camera hack, you merely need to head over to this link, download the APK file and sideload it on your phone. Once it’s up and running, slide the navigation menu from the left and select Portrait Mode. The only way to find out whether the app won’t crash on your phone is to try it out once. That’s because the mod’s compatibility is a bit uncertain as a multitude of users are facing bugs even if their smartphone is listed as supported.

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