Those darlings at Huawei – or should I say ‘Honor’, sweethearts? As if having such brands and sub-brands or sister brands (why not “brother” brands and “mother” brands – such sexism, sweeties) was not enough, I am now being confused by their devices too. This was not the case in the past, darlings, when Honor clearly used to have a high-end device, a mid-segment device, and a well, I will not say “cheap,” darlings, but a very affordable device (those Holly phones). But the past few months have seen them go into proper overdrive – so many phones. And now they have added another one to the mix, the 9 Lite (I really think they were poking fun at my weight, darlings – I need to hit the gym again).

honor-ably yours? honor 9 lite vs honor 9i vs honor 7x - honor 2018

You would be thinking that more phones is good because the consumer has more options, right? Well, it can be HORRIBLY confusing too, dearies. I mean you have the Honor 7X at Rs 12,999 and Rs 15,999, the Honor 9i at Rs 17,999 and now you have the Honor 9 Lite at Rs 10,999 and Rs 14,999. Basically, you have an Honor Phone at every price point from Rs 10,999 to Rs 17,999, apart from Rs 11,999 and Rs 16,999 – expect them to plug those two next, dearies, perhaps with the Honor 9 Plus Lite or the Honor 7X Plus. Or something.

And when I went to the smart geeks at this site to ask which phone would suit which user the most, they told me to figure out myself. Such busy people, no? Well, anyway if you want an Honor device (and believe me, they have some VERY decent phones) and have a budget below Rs 20,000, here is how you should be going about it:

For the stylish: the Honor 9 Lite

honor-ably yours? honor 9 lite vs honor 9i vs honor 7x - honor 9 lite review 4

The glass back, sweethearts. Yes, the Honor 9 Lite might have the smallest display (5.65 inches) of the three phones, but when it comes to making heads turn, its stylish back with mirror-like finish turns heads as effortlessly as it reflects light. If you like a slightly more metallic finish, I would say the 9i looks better than the 7X, but really, in my book, for those who rate looks, this is no contest: the Honor 9 Lite it is, darlings.

For those seeking specs: the Honor 9i

If you are those that love to look at hardware (I don’t, but then I am just a boring old woman), then I think you are best served by the Honor 9i, dearies. Yes, all three devices have the HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor with 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM (the 7X has only 4 GB variants, though) and 32 GB or 64 GB of storage (although the 9i only has the 64 GB variant), and all have 2160 x 1080 resolution displays, albeit of slightly different sizes, but there are differences too. And they come mainly in the cameras, darlings – the 9i has four cameras (16 MP and 2 MP at the rear, and 13 MP and 2 MP in front), while the 7X has a dual rear camera and a single front camera, and the 9 Lite has four cameras (13 MP and 2 MP, front and back). The Honor 9i and 7X both have 3340 mAh batteries, and the 9 Lite a 3000 mAh one. I think the cameras give the 9i the edge here, sweeties, really.

For those wanting software: the Honor 9 Lite

This is so simple, darlings. So simple. Of the three phones, only the Honor 9 Lite is running on Android Oreo out of the box with the new version of the Honor UI, EMUI 8, on top of it. The other two are still on Android Nougat and EMUI 5.1. If you like software, grab some Oreo, sweeties and get the Honor 9 Lite.

For those loving cameras: the Honor 9i

honor-ably yours? honor 9 lite vs honor 9i vs honor 7x - honor 9i review 7

I know our team is still reviewing the Honor 9 Lite, but of the three devices, there are only two with four cameras – the 9i and the 9 Lite. And right now, sweeties, the 9i seems slightly better, although the 9 Lite has the advantage of the new EMUI camera interface. Honestly, the 7X is not a bad camera either, but the single selfie camera cannot really stand against the other two.

For those loving battery: the Honor 7X

honor-ably yours? honor 9 lite vs honor 9i vs honor 7x - honor 7x review 1

It has the same sized battery (3340 mAh) as the Honor 9i, but I found the Honor 7X generally lasting a bit longer in terms of battery life than the Honor 9i and significantly more than the Honor 9 Lite (from what the review team tells me, dolls), so yes, if battery matters, go for the Honor 7X.

For those on a super tight budget: the Honor 9 Lite

This is simple, darlings. If money is hard to come by (do save more, get a piggy bank), then the Honor 9 Lite is the one for you. At Rs 10,999, it is the most affordable of the lot, and in terms of specs, the second best (after the 9i, which I think has better cameras and a bigger battery) and also is the only one of the three that has Android Oreo and EMUI 8. Oh, and that glass back, darlings.

My own favorite: the Honor 9 Lite

So I had to put this in, sweethearts (Raju insisted). Which of the three phones is my personal favorite? Well, I would go with the 9 Lite. And it is not really about looks, darlings, although it is easily the best looking of the three. I just like the fact that it is the most compact and also comes with the new Android and the Honor UI, which is kind of nice. And in camera terms, it is between the 9i and 7X, which I can live with. Finally, at Rs 10,999, it is very good value for money, I think. You have to think of these things. AND that back, darlings…

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