OnePlus 5T may surely be one of the fastest phones around, but the ‘Never Settle’ device loses its punch when compared with other Android heavyweights like the Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 8 when it comes to the camera performance. The vanilla Android software experience of the OnePlus 5T has much to do with the average camera performance. Apparently, OnePlus’ camera software doesn’t have the firepower to fully harness the powerful dual rear camera hardware of the smartphone.

oneplus camera m mod

What is OnePlus Camera M Mod?

An XDA Developer has, however, come up with a solution. He has developed a new camera mod that helps use the full potential of the OnePlus 5T. It’s called the OnePlus Camera M mod. For starters, it’s a software-based mod and has nothing to do with physical mods seen with the Motorola devices. The mod relies on tweaking around with the original OnePlus camera app. Photos taken with this mod is seen to be brighter and even sharper than the ones with the standard camera app. The photos, while not in the league of the Pixels, is surely better than anything we have seen from OnePlus devices in the past.

oneplus camera m mod

How to Install OnePlus Camera M Mod?

The OnePlus Camera M mod, however, comes with its set of limitations. There’s are a few pre-requisites for using the app. Firstly, you need to root your OnePlus smartphone. In fact, the phone needs to have Magisk installed as the root method. So devices which have already been rooted using SuperSU won’t work. Those devices require to be reinstated to the original state and subsequently rooted using Magisk.

oneplus camera m mod sample image

Additionally, users need to go to the OnePlus Camera app’s App info menu. There, simply disable and re-enable the app, to revert it back to its original factory condition. This process is meant for uninstalling any sort of camera app updates the device has received through Google Play. Finally, you need to download and install the Magisk Module flashable ZIP file to start using it. Interestingly, OnePlus Camera M mod also works on a number of AOSP based ROMs like OmniROM. Thus, the app can be used on a variety of other devices.

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