Dear darlings at Nokia,

I would just like to wish you all the very best at MWC 2018, sweethearts. It has been a busy year for you all and really we have seen so many phones from you. As someone who grew old with a Nokia phone, I must admit it is so wonderful having you back in our tech lives. It is like having an old familiar friend back in one’s house.

And it is as a friend that I have a small request to make of you: please do not try to revive another of your old phones in a new avatar for this year’s MWC. Yes, I was among the many who were so so happy to see you bring that pavement-breaking Nokia 3310 back from the dead last year at Barcelona (little did I know I would be writing this column then, sweeties), but after the initial ecstasy, it really boiled down to being a method of grabbing attention. And it worked so well. I think everyone covered it and one of the darlings at this site even sang about it

dear nokia, not another retro phone redux please - nokia 3310 review 1

It was a very clever move, darlings. Got the spotlight right on you. And well, to be dreadfully honest, it also camouflaged the fact that you did not have too much NEW to show, you know – and that is all right, you were just coming back from a brief exile (we will not talk about the Microsoft days, will we, love?).

But the wise say that it is not clever to play the same trick twice. So when I started hearing rumors that you would again be showing a slightly newer version of an old phone (the 8810, according to some), I got a little worried.

dear nokia, not another retro phone redux please - nokia 8810

Yes, of course, you can be assured (re)launching an old favorite will get you the spotlight again. Of course, every senior media person will look at the phone and feel sentimental (I just hope it does not get one of us singing again – once was enough). So it should make perfect sense to launch an old phone in new clothes again, shouldn’t it?

Actually darlings, it should not. Because last year you did not have too much to show in product terms and needed the attention. This year is going to be different, we are sure, if the rumors are anything to go by – there might be Android Go and Android One devices, and a new flagship smartphone (the 8 Pro, the 9, whatever, loves). Last year, you did not have too much to talk about, especially when compared to the competition. This time seems to be different – you have so much to show.

You know the funny thing about time, darlings? It not only flies, it also changes (so versatile, no?). We all like to remember the past, and things always seem better the farther away they seem. But we live in the present. You cannot sustain a strong relationship by always referring to old conversations, sweethearts. You have to have something new to talk about. And this time, it seems you do.

So do so. Talk about what you are bringing to the market. And how you are going to change our lives. You do not need the crutch of the past, sweethearts. We know what you were. Tell us what you are going to be and where you are headed.

It is not bad to be old. But it is not a crime to be new, either.

Believe an old lady.

All the very best at MWC, darlings.

With blessings and muahs,
Tech Auntyji

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