The iOS 11 ushered a new ecosystem of augmented reality apps with the ARKit. In no time we could experience a handful of exemplary apps on the Apple App Store that used AR. AR Measure Kit was one such app that allows users to measure the dimensions of the things by using the camera in tandem with the AR system. That apart many popular services like Amazon offered an AR feature on their iOS app. With this feature, one could not only scan a product and match it against the ones on Amazon but also check out the product placement via AR app.

Yes, you can simply place the items from in your living space and get a taste of how good/bad the things would look. This feature was restricted to iOS users that are until now. Amazon has finally announced the AR feature for its Android users all thanks to the recent release of Google’s ARCore 1.0.

Amazon already has plenty of items that can be shopped via the AR. Products like furniture, home decor, toys and other Amazon Echo products make a great fit for AR shopping. The AR feature can be accessed by tapping on the small camera icon in the search bar and with this, you can see how the item will fit in the place of your choice.

As always here is a small caveat, the new AR View feature needs Android devices that support ARCore 1.0. In order to check if your device supports ARCore please click on this link. If it does make sure that you are running the latest version of the Amazon App. All you need to do is tap the camera icon and choose from the bouquet of products that are being offered by Amazon.

Online shopping is something that is constantly evolving, with one-day Prime deliveries to prototype drones that deliver at your doorsteps. The Augmented Reality will help buyers visualise the new product in their living space and this is most useful when they are buying items like furniture or other household appliances like Fridge or a Washing Machine.

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