Google has finally started selling Clips in the US; it’s very own smart camera that was announced last year. The Google Clips is currently available on Google’s Online store and is also available at other online retailers. Google came with this unique concept wherein the AI-powered clip camera would automatically detect certain situations and click the photos.

google clips ai camera is available for $249 in the u.s - google clips

The Google Clips offers a 130-degree field of vision, and the algorithm is trained to detect people, their emotions like smiles laughter and also various other triggers. Since the Clips is backed by AI, it gradually learns what you consider as most interesting and focuses on such scenarios. In the end, users can choose the images and delete the rest.

Google Clips takes a series of images just like the burst mode on the smartphone but instead the camera stitches the images together. The end result is a file that somewhat resembles an animated GIF. That being said, the Clips can also be used like a GoPro and you can either put it up at a static place or use it during activities.

On the flipside, the initial reviews for the Google Clips have been underwhelming. The Verge has called out poor image quality while CNET criticized the camera for missing out on moments that would have otherwise been ideal captures.

Apart from the Online Google Store, the Clips is also available at Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Verizon stores. The set and forget the camera is an AI backed virtual personal photographer. It can click candids and record important moments without the hassles of setting up a camera. That being said, the Clips comes with a glaring downside, that is it cannot record the audio.

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