LinkedIn has come up with a new feature that is intended to help people find jobs with respect to their preferred location. Well, it is but obvious that traveling in big cities is taking a toll on the employee’s health. Apart from that the employees also spend a major chunk of their time in traveling to the office. The best thing to do in such a scenario would be to search a job in your vicinity. LinkedIn has done just that.

linkedin's "your commute" feature aims at helping job seekers better evaluate the opportunities - linkedin messaging

LinkedIn has updated its services to shoe the commute time and the location of a particular business to the job seekers. This is something that is intended to help job seekers decide on whether or not they want to work in a particular company. The feature is called ‘Your Commute’ and is already rolled out globally on the LinkedIn smartphone app.

LinkedIn already has access to the location information of the company’s and the feature will soon be rolled out for desktop as well. Using the commute feature is pretty easy, the feature will be available along with all the job posting. All one needs to do is enter their location. Since it makes use of Bing Maps API, LinkedIn users can also check out the public transport details.

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This is what Dan Li, Senior Product Manager, LinkedIn had to say “When members save their location preferences in Career Interests, we’re able to provide more relevant job recommendations that fit exactly what they’re looking for in their next role.” He further added that “We’re thinking through additional ways members can use location information to improve their job searches in the near future.”

Interestingly, the integration also gives a slight boost to the Bing Maps, a location service that is almost forgotten. The folks at LinkedIn are working on achieving a better engagement with the job seekers. They already have a bot in place that converses with the job speakers. The Your Commute feature will come in handy and also help job seekers decide whether or not they should avail the company’s travel facility.

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