If you plan on getting the Nokia 6.1 Plus for yourself, you might have a few questions or queries before you invest your hard-earned money on the smartphone. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Nokia 6.1 Plus which we try to answer having used the phone extensively for around 10 days. If you wish to check out our full review of the Nokia 6.1 Plus, you can find it here. Let’s start with the questions.

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What’s unique about the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

The device comes with a 5.8-inch display in a compact form factor which when combined with the glass back and metal frame feels extremely comfortable to hold and use one-handed, especially in this day and age of humongous displays. The in-hand feel surely has to be one of the best aspects of the device.

What are some key specifications of the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

For starters, the 6.1 Plus runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage which is expandable through a hybrid slot. The display up front is a 5.8-inch IPS LCD panel with Full HD+ resolution and a notch up top. In terms of cameras, the rear houses a dual camera setup with a primary 16MP sensor with f/2.0 aperture and a secondary 5MP lens for depth sensing with a f/2.4 aperture. The front houses a 16MP shooter as well with the same f/2.0 aperture. The battery is a 3060mAh unit which charges over USB Type-C.

What software does the Nokia 6.1 Plus run on?

Like every Nokia device in the recent past, the 6.1 Plus is a part of the Android One program which means you’re always on the latest version of android along with assured updates to two major android versions. Does this mean it runs on Android P out of the box? Well, no. It runs on Android 8.1 presently, but the Android P update should be coming out soon.

Will there be multiple variants of the device being sold?

At the time of writing, there is just one variant that we’re aware of coming to India, with 4GB of RAM along with 64GB of internal storage priced at Rs. 15,999. If we get any information regarding other variants, we’ll make sure to update this section.

Does the Nokia 6.1 Plus have all necessary sensors?

Yes, it does. Along with the basics like proximity and ambient light sensors, there is an accelerometer, a magnetometer to help with navigation and gyroscope for VR.

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Does the Nokia 6.1 Plus skimp out on the headphone jack like the Mi A2?

Thankfully, no! The 6.1 Plus does sport a headphone jack on the top, the output from which is pretty loud and clear.

How is the quality of the display on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

The 5.8-inch Full HD+ IPS LCD panel used on the 6.1 Plus has great colors and viewing angles. The contrast levels seem to be on point too, with blacks appearing to be pretty deep. However, the sunlight legibility could have been better.

Is there any sort of display protection on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

Yes, the display on the smartphone has Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 protection on top.

Is there support for dual 4G VoLTE on the 6.1 Plus?

The Nokia 6.1 Plus does let you use 4G VoLTE on both SIMs, which means you can use two Jio SIM cards at the same time.

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How are the cameras on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

The rear dual cameras perform pretty good in well-lit environments but struggle under low light. Same is the case with the front-facing camera. The portrait mode, however, on both front and rear cameras do a good job of highlighting the subject.

Is there any form of stabilization while capturing video on the 6.1 Plus?

The rear camera has support for EIS while shooting videos. There is no OIS support.

Can the Nokia 6.1 Plus record videos in 4K?

Yes, the smartphone can record videos in 4K at 30fps, but EIS doesn’t seem to kick in at this resolution resulting in jittery footage.

Are the cameras on the Nokia 6.1 Plus better than those on the Mi A2 or Redmi Note 5 Pro?

Well, not really. The main highlight of the Mi A2 is its cameras which hands down beat the performance of those found on the Nokia 6.1 Plus, both, on paper, as well as in real life results. As for Redmi Note 5 Pro, the Nokia 6.1 Plus matches it in good lighting conditions, but Redmi Note 5 Pro is still better overall.

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Can you play high-end games like PUBG on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

We played PUBG for a while on the smartphone and at medium settings, apart from a few minor frame drops, we did not encounter any issues. Crank up the graphics settings, and you start to see some major stutters, but that’s expected from the SoC.

How is the battery life on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

A lot of stress is given to the design and hand-feel, so the Nokia 6.1 Plus is very compact and slim. That translates to a smaller battery in tow. The 3060 mAh battery can get you through a day’s usage if used moderately, but you will be disappointed if you go in with greater expectations. You can expect around 5 to 5.5 hours of screen on time.

Does the Nokia 6.1 Plus support fast charging?

The charger inside the box is a 10W adapter despite the fact that the 6.1 Plus does indeed support fast charging in the form of Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. This means you’ll have to purchase a separate adapter if you want to charge the device quickly.

Does the Nokia 6.1 Plus have any heating issues?

During our usage, we did not encounter any major heating issues. At the time of charging, however, the bottom chin does get slightly warm which is pretty normal.

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Is face unlock present on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

Technically, yes, in the form of the ‘Trusted Face’ option which we’ve been seeing since days of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but it’s not really reliable.

Can you hide the notch on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

Yes, there is an option to hide the notch if you don’t wish to let your viewing experience be hindered by the cut-out at the top.

Is there support for gesture navigation on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

Unfortunately, there isn’t support for gesture navigation yet, but with the Android P update, you will be able to use gestures for navigating around the UI.

Is there an LED notification light on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

We wish there was one, but unfortunately, it has been replaced by the ambient display which wakes up the screen of your device to display any new notification.

Does the Nokia 6.1 Plus support OTG?

Yes, it does support OTG out of the box.

Is there any sort of water resistance on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

No, there is no IP rating or splash proof coating on the 6.1 Plus.

When, where and for how much can I purchase the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

The Nokia 6.1 Plus will be sold online exclusively on Flipkart for a price of Rs. 15,999. Sale starts on 30th August at 12 noon.

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What other devices in this segment can be considered and how do they fair with respect to the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

If you can pay just a little more, the Mi A2 is also a very good option if you’re into smartphone photography, and that is a part of the Android One program as well and has a larger display along with a beefier Snapdragon 660 processor. There is also the 6GB RAM variant of Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1, which although, isn’t an Android One device, but still runs stock Android and yet costs less than Rs 15,000. Also, if you’re willing to spend a few thousand rupees more, you can get yourself the Honor Play which is much superior in terms of performance.

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