Yeelight, the China-based smart lighting company, has finally, after weeks of teasers, arrived in India. To kickstart its presence in the country, it’s bringing four connected products including two smart bulbs, a light strip, and the Candela Lamp. Prices start at Rs 2,499 and the devices are exclusively available on Amazon.

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

yeelight arrives in india with four smart lights - yeelight smart led light bulb multi colored

The Yeelight Smart LED Bulb is available in two variants — color and tunable white. Both of them are WiFi-enabled so that you don’t need a dedicated hub to control them from your phone. In addition to switching them, dim their brightness and change their colors, the bulbs can be also commended through voice assistants like Google Assistant remotely. The color temperature is adjustable as well and you can even program them to turn on or off automatically at a specific period. The color option is priced at Rs 2,799, while the white one will cost you Rs 2,499.

Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus

yeelight arrives in india with four smart lights - yeelight aurora light strip 02

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is extendable up to 10m and is capable of producing about 16 million colors. Through the Yeelight app, you can also enable music sync for occasions such as parties. Like others, the Aurora Lightstrip Plus is programmable and can be handled with voice assistants on your phone or a smart home device like Google Home. The 1-meter long option of the Aurora Lightstrip Plus costs Rs 1,499, while the 2-meter one is Rs 3,999.

Yeelight Candela Lamp

yeelight arrives in india with four smart lights - yeelight candala lamp

The Yeelight Candela Lamp is arguably the most intriguing product of them all. It’s designed to resemble a real lamp and comes with a 2100mAh battery that can power it for up to 8 hours eliminating the need for wires. Yeelight also includes a nifty candle flicker effect to mimic an actual candle. Plus, the Yeelight Candela Lamp also features BLE Mesh technology which allows you to connect multiple of them and have them illuminated in patterns. The Yeelight Candela Lamp will cost you Rs 4,999.

Yeelight Motion Sensor Night Light

yeelight arrives in india with four smart lights - yeelight motion sensor night light

Yeelight’s motion-sensitive night light has arrived in India as well for a price of Rs 1,799. The device can automatically turn on as soon as it detects motion in dark environments. It can be installed on walls thanks to the double-sided rubber pad on the rear and works in either of three modes.

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