It might not have got on to the Android Pie bandwagon (or should that be “baker’s tray”) yet, but the Poco F1 has received an update to the latest version of Xiaomi’s MIUI interface, MIUI 10. The update brings a number of new features to the device (we wrote about some of them here), and definitely adds a new sheen to what is perhaps the most affordable flagship device out there in the Indian market today.

[how to] update your poco f1 to miui 10 - poco f1 miui 10

However, not all Poco F1 users have got the update yet, as its rollout has been gradual. Of course, you can wait for the update to come over the air (OTA) on your Poco F1 (just check in Settings > About Phone > System updates > Check for updates), but if the OTA has not arrived yet, and you want MIUI 10 on your Poco F1 device right now, just follow these simple steps to get your device onto the tenth wave of MIUI, and no, you do not need to flash your device or go within a mile of a PC:

  1. On your Poco F1, open the web browser and head to
  2. Once you do so, a pop-up box will ask you if you want to download a zip file. Go right ahead and click on Download. This will download a 620 MB file into your Downloads folder.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the File Manager app on your phone, and from the options available on the upper part of the menu, choose the Downloads icon. You should see your downloaded zip file here.
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  5. Select the downloaded file and then click on the Move option at the base of the window.
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  7. This will open a screen showing the Internal Storage folder. Tap on it to expand it and then go to the MIUI folder. Tap on it as well. And when it is open, select paste from the menu on the lower part of the display. The downloaded zip file will appear in the folder.
  8. [how to] update your poco f1 to miui 10 - step5

  9. Now go to Settings on your phone. And choose “System update.” This will take you to a screen which will show you the current version of MIUI on your device (ours shows 10 because we have already updated our device, but do not let this affect you – yours will show a lower version of MIUI if you have not updated your device) and will also tell you that there is no update available. Do not worry about that, but tap the three button icon in the top right-hand corner.
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  11. This will open a menu with a number of options. Select “Choose update package.”
  12. [how to] update your poco f1 to miui 10 - step7 e1541402775457

  13. This will open the file manager view. Head to the MIUI folder (as in step 5), choose the downloaded file and then tap on OK.
  14. Sit back and wait for the update to install and your phone to reboot. Congratulations, you are on MIUI 10!
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