Samsung – once popular for its budget smartphones, has finally taken the step to include one of the most basic features on smartphones these days, ‘auto-brightness’. For the longest time, smartphone manufacturers have been utilizing a sensor, known as the ‘ambient sensor’, to detect the nearby lightning conditions and adjust the display’s brightness automatically. Strangely, with some budget devices that Samsung offers, the ambient sensor has been missing, due to which, users have to manually go around adjusting the brightness on their devices throughout the day. But soon this is going to be a thing of the past, as Samsung is expected to finally provide the auto-brightness feature on its budget smartphones using ‘selfies’.

samsung to utilize 'selfies' to bring auto-brightness on its budget smartphones -

When it comes to budget phones, there are a lot of competitors. And at large, they are providing tonnes of features on their smartphones in addition to some of the most basic ones to lure more users into buying their devices. However, when it comes to Samsung, people are starting to get annoyed, due to the absence of some of the most basic sensors on its devices. Till now, Samsung has managed to cut down on the cost by getting rid of these basic sensors, and for the most part, have succeeded in doing so. But with some manufacturers coming up with flagship-like features on their budget devices at competitive costs, Samsung had to take steps and come up with a solution to cope up with the market. And to start with, Samsung decided to address the problem of lack of an ‘ambient light sensor’ on its budget smartphones. To do this, instead of including an ambient sensor on the device, Samsung is thinking about utilizing the front-facing camera, which would take a selfie of you every time the phone is unlocked to adjust the display’s brightness automatically.

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Image: SamMobile

According to this screenshot from SamMobile, a new firmware update is starting to roll out for Galaxy J8 users, which shows a card to the users to inform them about the new feature, stating that to enable auto-brightness on their device, the front-facing camera would now capture a selfie each time they unlock the device to analyze the nearby lighting conditions and set the brightness automatically.

With devices getting privileges to capture selfies of users on every unlock, a lot of people would be concerned about their privacy, wondering where their selfies would land. Apparently, there’s not much to be afraid of – hope so, as the images would be deleted in a matter of milliseconds as soon as the device finishes analyzing the surrounding lighting conditions. However, if you are still not convinced and are wary about Samsung’s take on security, you can head to the Display settings and turn off the feature altogether.

As it stands, there are no official words from Samsung on the same. But with the recent firmware update being pushed to J8 users, it seems pretty evident that Samsung would finally provide the auto-brightness feature on its budget smartphones as well, but not in a way acceptable for everyone involved.

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