Earphone maker, 1More is known for products that punch way above their affordable price tag. Today, the company is bringing that same equation to the true-wireless market with its first pair of wire-free pair of earbuds. The new awfully named — Stylish TWS earbuds offer all the trappings you would usually expect but its biggest highlight is still the cost which in this case is $99, nearly half of what Apple, Bose, Jabra, and others ask for.

1more's first true wireless earbuds cost $99 and feature a hook-equipped design - 1more stylish tws

The 1More Stylish TWS feature a compact, round-shaped metallic design with the earbuds’ nozzle has been titled ever so slightly by 45-degrees to ensure they remain comfortable even after prolonged use. On top of that, each earbud weighs only six grams which is about two grams more than Apple’s Airpods. In addition, they are equipped with silicon hooks which we have seen before on products such as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. And if history is any indication, we know ear compatibility won’t be much of an issue with the 1More Stylish TWS. Even if you do encounter any problems, 1More does bundle three additional sizes in the box.

As for the audio, the 1More Stylish TWS come with a 7mm dynamic driver and a titanium diaphragm which promises to “balance powerful bass and exquisite detail.” There are a bunch of other nifty features 1More is advertising including DSP technology for environmental noise cancellation and a high stability MEMS microphone for eliminating background noise.

On a single charge, the 1More Stylish TWS are rated to last 2.5 hours at 50% volume. The case, which also charges the earbuds, can top them twice and takes about seventy minutes to charge itself. For actions and controlling playback, both the left and right buds have a physical key you can tap in several combinations for quickly performing tasks like play/pause, answer a call, and more.

1more's first true wireless earbuds cost $99 and feature a hook-equipped design - 1more stylish tws 2

Speaking of call, you can also employ the earphones as a handset by activating only one of them to preserve battery life. They can be paired with both Android and iOS phones through Bluetooth 4.2. 1More Stylish TWS can be bought in two shades — black and gold.

While the 1More Stylish TWS don’t bring anything particularly new to the table, the $99 price will play a critical role in getting more buyers onboard with the true wireless trend. The majority of true-wireless earbuds start at over $150, some of which go even till $300. With 1More’s audio reputation and a much more affordable price tag, the Stylish TWS do certainly have a chance to fill the void and prosper.

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