The new Asus ROG Mothership is a Ridiculous All-in-One Gaming PC Pretending to be a Notebook

by: - Last updated on: January 7th, 2019

While most PC makers focused on building lighter, more portable gaming notebooks in the past year, Asus was dedicated its time to something quite the opposite. The company has today introduced the ROG Mothership, a beast of a gaming computer that is neither an all-in-one nor a traditional laptop. At best, the ROG Mothership can be imagined as an enormous, overpowered Surface Pro for gamers.

asus rog mothership

The ROG Mothership is a 17-inch gaming laptop with a kickstand at the back to make it sit upright (since it weighs 10.3 pounds) and a detachable keyboard. You can either play it as a huge notebook or pull the keyboard out to essentially turn it into a 17-inch all-in-one. The keyboard can even be folded in half for a more ergonomic angle and save some desk space as well.

asus rog mothership 2

The ROG Mothership is, of course, not for everyone. But for those who do want a unique workstation for their gaming needs, it has all the power you will need. The computer employs Nvidia’s latest RTX 20-series GPUs including the most powerful model,  the 2080 Max-Q. Apart from raw power, one of the key reasons for opting for the RTX 20-series is that it’s possible to efficiently cram them in a slim form factor. And of course, the ROG logo lights up.

In addition, the ROG Mothership’s 17.3-inch screen has a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 144Hz. For now, there’s no 4K model. The rest of the specifications are the over-the-top as well — it’s powered by Intel’s Core i9 CPU which has been boosted to reach clock speeds of up to 4.78GHz. You can get up to 64GB of RAM (beat that, phone makers) and three 512GB NVMe SSDs.

Asus is yet to announce any pricing and availability details for the ROG Mothership but you can expect that to be exorbitant too like the computer itself.

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