A whole lot of companies have tried to put a unique spin on the good-ol’ alarm clock for adapting to the needs of the modern user. Anker’s new accessory, which it has announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, however, might just be the most practical take on the concept. Called the Soundcore Wakey, this bedside appliance wears a bunch of hats, all of which are designed to fulfill the tasks you’d normally perform in the morning while waking up.

anker's new soundcore wakey is the perfect alarm clock for the modern bedroom - anker soundcore wakey

Above all, though, the Soundcore Wakey looks nice and has a sleek, versatile aesthetic which will fit right into your room’s rest of the decor. An array of LEDs show the time on the speaker grill and underneath that, you will find a host of buttons for quick actions like volume control, radio, what have you. Being an alarm clock first, of course, you can set alarms on the Soundcore Wakey or choose from the ten preset timings. But if you would like to continue doing so on your smartphone, Soundcore Wakey has a place for that as well. The top of the device is a wireless charging pad with a sufficient output of 7.5W/10W.

In addition, the Soundcore Wakey is a proper Bluetooth speaker with two five-watt channels. The Soundcore Wakey can also play FM and even six white noises to help you fall asleep.

The Soundcore Wakey does miss out on one key feature — a virtual assistant. Although I feel that’s a rather positive attribute especially for someone who is not comfortable putting an always-listening device in their bedroom. The Soundcore Wakey is priced at $100 and Anker says it should be available sometime in Spring this year.

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