Fitbit is a popular name among wearables. It has a diverse product lineup spread across smartwatches and trackers, and its devices are known for being easy to use and accurate.

how to set alarm on fitbit

Of the many features Fitbit devices offer, a useful one—especially for those who struggle to wake up early—has to be the alarm. Fitbit calls it Silent Alarm, and as the name suggests, this alarm buzzes on your wrist to alert you at the designated alarm time.

Depending on which Fitbit model you own, you can either set an alarm on the device itself or via the Fitbit app on your Android or iPhone. Let’s look at each of these methods to set alarm on Fitbit.

Method 1. Set an Alarm on Your Fitbit On the Device

Fitbit wearables can be categorized into categories: smartwatches and trackers. Although the devices in both these categories generally share the same set of apps and functionalities, there are certain features that you only get on specific models.

For instance, Fitbit allows you to set alarms on your Fitbit—on the device itself—on select Fitbit devices. These include the Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Inspire 3, Fitbit Luxe, Fitbit Sense series, Fitbit Ionic, and the Fitbit Versa series.

If you own one of these Fitbit devices, here’s how you can set an alarm on it:

  1. Wake your Fitbit and swipe left to find the Alarms app.
  2. Tap on Alarms to open it.
    alarms app on a fitbit charge 5
  3. Swipe up or down to set the hour and minute. If you’re using 12-hour time, tap am or pm to set the time accordingly.
    setting alarm time on a fitbit
  4. Tap on the time to set the alarm.

Once you’ve set the alarm, it’ll go off at your specified alarm time. If you want to set the alarm for more days, tap on the alarm to go into edit mode. Then, swipe up and tap on Repeats.

Finally, pick a frequency between One time and Every day. Or select the days on which you want the alarm to go off one by one. Once it’s done, swipe up and tap on Done to set the alarm.

Turn On Smart Wake

smart wake feature on a fitbit charge 5

Smart Wake is a feature that finds the best time to wake you up based on your sleep state. It starts doing this 30 minutes before the specified time of your alarm.

If you’re in a deep sleep state during this period, the feature will avoid waking you up so that you don’t wake up feeling groggy and look for another suitable time. In the event it can’t find the best time, the alarm will go off at your specified time.

To enable Smart Wake, tap on the alarm you’ve just set to edit it. Swipe up and tap on the Smart Wake option to activate it.

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Method 2. Set Alarm on Fitbit Using the Fitbit App

If you own a Fitbit device other than the Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Inspire 3, Fitbit Luxe, or the Fitbit Sense series, you can set an alarm on it only through the Fitbit app. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Connect your Fitbit device to your Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the Fitbit app.
  3. From the Today tab, tap on the profile icon in the top-left corner of the screen and select your device on the following screen.
    selecting device on the fitbit app
  4. Select Silent Alarms and tap on Set a New Alarm.
    option to set a new alarm in the fitbit app
  5. Set the time you want the alarm to go off.
    setting alarm time in the fitbit app
  6. If you want it to repeat, tap on Repeat and select the days of the week on which you want it to go off.
    alarm repeat options in the fitbit app
  7. Hit Save.

The alarm you’ve just set will only appear on the app—and not on your device, till it’s synced. Although the sync happens automatically throughout the day, there’s a way to do it instantly. It involves syncing the device manually.

To do this, go back to the Account page on the Fitbit app and select your device. On the next screen, hit the Sync Now button to begin the syncing process and let it finish.

How to Dismiss an Alarm on Your Fitbit

Now that you’ve set an alarm on your Fitbit, it’s important to know how to dismiss it to prevent it from repeating itself. Depending on the Fitbit device you own, here’s how you do this:

  • Inspire 2: Press both buttons on the device.
  • Sense 2 and Versa 4: Tap the dismiss icon.
  • Inspire 3, Charge 5, and Luxe: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hit the dismiss icon.
  • Other Fitbit devices: Press the button on your device.

How to Delete or Turn Off Alarms on Your Fitbit Device

deleting an alarm on a fitbit

At any point in the future, if you feel the need to turn off an alarm or delete one, you can do it from the device itself or the Fitbit app—depending on your Fitbit device.

  • To turn off an alarm on your Fitbit device (all models):
    Open the Alarms app and tap on the alarm you want to turn off. Tap it again, and it’ll be turned off.
  • To delete an alarm on your Fitbit (Charge 4, Charge 5, Inspire 3, Ionic, Luxe, Sense series, and Versa series):
    Open Alarms and select the alarm you want to delete. Swipe up and hit the Remove button. Tap Yes to confirm the deletion.
  • Other Fitbit users can delete the alarm from the Fitbit app like this:
    In the Fitbit app, tap on the profile icon and select your device. Tap on Silent Alarms and choose the alarm you want to delete.

Make Your Fitbit the Ultimate Companion

If you wear your Fitbit tracker to bed for sleep tracking, the Silent Alarm feature can prove to be a lifesaver. It can help you wake up early if you’re struggling to get up yourself. And it can also come in handy at other times of the day for things like reminders so that you don’t miss something that needs urgent attention.

Fitbit allows you to set up to eight alarms on your device. So go ahead, set up as many alarms as you need, and make the most of your device.

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