There are pleasant and less pleasant ways to wake up in the morning, and the iPhone’s default alarms are quite annoying. Therefore, changing the alarm tone on the iPhone can help you wake up in a more pleasant way.

how to change alarm sound on iphone

There are many predefined sounds on your phone, and you can also use your favorite songs or tunes as the alarm sound. This can help you wake up with new energy and make your morning less boring.

In this article, we will show you how to change alarm sound on iPhone to your favorite sound or song. With just a few simple steps, you can customize your alarm sound to your heart’s content and wake up to the sounds you love. So, let us get started and make your morning more enjoyable.

Customize and Change Alarm Sound on iPhone

To customize your alarm tone on your iPhone, you can access the Tone Store, where you’ll find an ever-growing collection of sounds to choose from. You can also personalize your alarm tone by setting your favorite song from Apple Music as your alarm tone. You can also create custom vibration tones to make your alarm even more unique.

How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone?

If you’re tired of waking up to the default sound on your iPhone, it’s time for a change. Luckily, changing the alarm sound on your iPhone is quick and easy. So without further ado, let’s go through the steps to change the alarm tone on your iPhone and start your day with a new sound.

1. Open the Clock app and navigate to the Alarm tab on the bottom.

2. Tap on the existing alarm or select the plus sign (+) to create a new alarm.

open clock

3. Then tap Sound.

4. Select the sound from the built-in ringtones. If you have added custom alarm sounds from your computer or purchased iTunes ringtones, tap Pick a song.

5. Tap Back and then tap Save.

pick a song and save

How to Change the Alarm Vibration Sound?

You can change the alarm and vibration tone on iPhone. Changing the vibration tone can be a refreshing change. Whether you prefer a gentle buzz or a more intense shake, adjusting the alarm vibration can greatly improve your morning routine. Learn how to change the alarm clock vibration tone on your iPhone here.

1. On the Sound page of the alarm, tap Vibration.

2. Select a vibration from the STANDARD area. When you tap it, you will get a five-second preview.

3. To save, tap Sound in the top-left corner.


How to Create a New Alarm Vibration Sound?

Tired of waking up to the same alarm tone on your iPhone? Why not create a custom vibrating alarm that can wake you up more individually and effectively? We’ll show you how to create a new vibrating alarm on your iPhone. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. On the Sound page, tap Vibration.

2. Select Create New Vibration under CUSTOM.

3. After that, you’ll see a blank screen that says: Tap to create a vibration pattern. Tap the new vibration pattern with your finger.

create new vibration

Once you have created a vibration sound, you can listen to it by pressing the main play button in the lower left corner. If you aren’t satisfied with the vibration sound, click the record button in the lower right corner to record a new one.

record play

4. When you’re satisfied with the vibration sound, click Save in the upper right corner.

5. Once you click the Save button, a pop-up window will appear where you can enter the name of the new vibration sound as you wish.

tap save

6. Tap Save.

7. Return to the “Vibration” page and select your newly created vibration.

select your freshly created vibration

By following these steps, you can create a new alarm vibration tone that is unique and tailored to your personal preferences.

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How to Add a New Alarm Sound on Your iPhone?

Sometimes the standard alarms that come with devices are too harsh and shrill for a peaceful morning wake-up. If you want to start your day with a soothing and calming sound, there are a few options.

You can browse the selection of built-in alarm tones to find a less intrusive option, or you can download a soothing ringtone from a third-party app or website.

From the Tone Store

Under the ‘Sound‘ section on the alarm page, you’ll find a link to the ‘Tone Store‘ This online store offers a variety of alarm clocks and alert tones for purchase, starting at just one dollar.

tone store

To access the Tone Store, you must have the iTunes Store installed on your phone. Once you make your purchase, you can easily use your new tone for your alarm clock by following the steps above.

From Apple Music

Apple Music subscribers have the option to use any song from their music library as an alarm sound, whether it’s a soothing lullaby or a calming rain sound.

Just tap the “Pick a Song” option on the alarm clock page, and you’ll be redirected to Apple Music to select your preferred track. Once selected, the chosen song will appear in the “Songs” section and can be used as an alarm sound.

pick a song

As long as your Apple Music subscription is active, you can wake up to any song.


Changing the iPhone alarm sound is a quick and easy process that can make a significant difference to the start of your day. Whether you prefer a soothing melody, a calming sound effect, or your favorite song, there are several ways to customize the alarm tone to your liking. From exploring the built-in alarm tones to purchasing custom tones or creating your own, the possibilities are endless.

So, that’s it for changing the alarm clock on your iPhone. If you have a Mac or PC, you can edit a song and create a 30-second alarm tone by editing a song and adding it to your iTunes account. This sound can then be used as the alarm tone for your iPhone. If you encounter any difficulties, you can leave a comment below.

FAQs about Changing the Alarm Sound in iPhones

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To make the alarm louder on your iPhone, you can try the following steps:

  1. Turn up the volume:
  2. Change the alarm sound
  3. Use a third-party alarm app
  4. Use a Bluetooth speaker

Yes, you can set the alarm volume on your iPhone using the volume buttons. When you set an alarm on your iPhone, the volume is automatically set to the same level as the ringtone volume. So to adjust the alarm volume, you can use the volume up and volume down buttons on the side of your device.

However, it's important to note that adjusting the volume using the physical buttons only affects the volume of the alarm clock, not the volume of the ringtone or other audio on your iPhone.

Using the GarageBand app, you can use your recordings as alarm sound on your iPhone. Edit your audio clips and export them as ringtones. After that, select your alarm tone from the Clock app.

The alternative way is to use third-party alarm clock apps like Alarmed: Reminders + Timers which lets you use voice memos as alarm tone.

Absolutely! While changing your alarm sound, choose to Download all purchased tunes. It will show all your iTunes purchases associated with your Apple ID.

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