The new LaMetric Sky Lets you Display Metrics Like the YouTube Subscriber Count on Your Wall

by: - Last updated on: January 9th, 2019

After the success of its smart clock, the TIME, LaMetric has now launched another device, called the SKY at this year’s CES. According to the company, SKY is the world’s first smart mosaic light panel that can be arranged in any desired shape or pattern and can be used to decorate spaces or display different kinds of information or metrics.

sky bird on a wall

The LaMetric SKY comes in a pack of 8 light panels, shaped in the form of a right triangle with 32 color zones on each, capable of being illuminated in over 16 million colors. These light panels can be arranged in any shape or pattern and can be mounted to the wall using a double-sided tape provided on the back. And the illumination or brightness for each panel can be adjusted manually, according to the surrounding requirements.

sky face

One feature that LaMetric SKY has inherited from its previous product, the TIME, is the ability to display beautiful pixel faces, which can be used to add an extra flair to the panels. To be able to build a SKY face, a minimum of 4 light panels need to be connected together in the shape of a square. Once connected, the possibilities are endless, with thousands of pattern options to choose from, including your own custom pattern.

sky instagram counter

In addition to using the light panels just for decoration, users can also use the panels to display some of their information or metrics. For example, users can display their social media figures like subscriber count on YouTube, followers on Twitter and Instagram, views on Twitch etc on the panels. Also, since the SKY can connect to Smart Home devices, it can be used to display information like weather, current playing song, daily schedule etc.

control sky with voice

To perform any operations on the SKY, a dedicated app can be downloaded on your mobile phone. And in case you’re feeling lazy, voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri can also be used to perform any operations. In a lot many ways the SKY looks like an improvised version of Nanoleaf’s Aurora.

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