TCL is an OEM that manufactures smartphones for brands like Alcatel and Blackberry, right from the design to R&D. While they don’t sell smartphones under their own brand name, TCL is showcasing some innovative tech at MWC 2019 and it’s very much in line with the current trend that seems to be catching up with major smartphone manufacturers – foldable displays. Just a couple of hours after Huawei unveiled its foldable Mate X smartphone, TCL is showcasing its DragonHinge technology to make foldable displays.

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DragonHinge is TCL’s patented technology which allows for manufacturing of flexible display panels for smartphones. This is made possible using flexible AMOLED displays sourced from a sister brand of TCL called CSOT. The way this works is by using a mechanical housing for the devices which helps in bending the device in various angles.

“Together with the support of our sister company, CSOT, we’re showing that TCL can be an innovator and leader in the mobile device market of the future,” said Peter Lee, General Manager, Global Sales, and Marketing at TCL Communication. “When we look at the potential of our flexible device portfolio, we’re obviously very excited about what we’ll be bringing to market down the road. However, we’re not in a race to be the first because we feel it is more responsible to take a patient, thoughtful approach to not only solve hardware challenges but also work with our partners on software solutions to ensure we deliver a meaningful user experience.”

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TCL says that there are three major challenges to overcome while making a foldable smartphone, which are the flexible AMOLED display itself, a durable mechanical housing and the software that can seamlessly adapt to new form factors. TCL claims to have tackled the first two, whereas software is what they have to work on. While the technology is being showcased at MWC this year, TCL says that their version of a consumer-ready foldable smartphone will arrive by 2020.

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