So we took a picture of the moon with the Huawei P30 Pro last week. And people have been asking us how we did it. Their surprise is understandable.

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After all, taking pictures of the moon used to be a totally camera thing. You needed a big zoom, a tripod for stability, a lot of twiddling with settings before you could even think of pointing a camera at earth’s natural satellite.

So how did we take the picture of the moon with the P30 Pro? Well, here is a step by step guide.

  1. Go out and spot the moon (for best results do it at night – it is the big white thing next to the stars)
  2. Start the P30 Pro’s camera app. Now, remember you have to fiddle a lot with settings and get a tripod for best results while snapping the moon with a proper camera. This is a phone camera, so well, remember NOT to:
    (A) Change settings – stick to autofocus mode (called “photo” mode in the app)
    (B) Get a tripod – just keep your hands steady
  3. Now point the P30 Pro towards the moon.
  4. Pinch out to zoom towards the moon. Keep zooming until you reach 50x.
  5. Wait until the moon comes into focus (be patient, it will – just keep your hands steady – the camera will even identify the moon as a well, moon!).
  6. Hit the shutter.
  7. You are done. You will now have a picture of the moon. It won’t be as crazy detailed or clear as you would get from a “proper” camera but it will be more than usable for social networks and general sharing.

Tripods? Settings?
Duh, this is ONLY a phone camera, remember?
For those, get a DSLR!

(Note to editor: We did our best to make this sound complicated!
Editor: Dude, you failed!

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