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Make us of the Dynamic Desktops feature on macOS Mojave

by: - Last updated on: June 25th, 2019

If you are someone who likes to play around changing the background wallpaper on their Mac, you are in for a treat. With a new service, called Dynamic Wallpaper Club, you can now create and find dynamic wallpapers (that change over the day) for your Mac (running macOS Mojave).

dynamic wallpaper club

With macOS Mojave, Apple introduced two new changes: a system-wide Dark Mode — which provides a dark theme across the interface and Dynamic Desktops — which changes background with each hour of the day (based on the local time and current location). Taking advantage of the Dynamic Desktops feature, three German developers, Grischa Erbe, Valentin Pfister, and Felix Plachtzik, introduced a service (claimed as the first platform exclusively for Dynamic Wallpapers), to allow users to create and download Dynamic Wallpapers for their Mac.

Dynamic Wallpaper Club

The website presents users with three options: Gallery — a collection of various dynamic wallpapers, organized into different categories, with Hot, New, and Best filters, Create — allows you to make wallpapers of your own, Docs — provides all the necessary details on how to use the service.

Further, you can have a preview of how an image would look through the day, by hovering your mouse over it. You can also hit the full-screen button to view it in full screen and share with your friends using the Share button. The site offers dynamic wallpapers in two modes: Sun and Time. The ‘Sun’ mode adjusts the wallpaper automatically according to the current position of Sun at your location. Whereas, the ‘Time’ mode adjusts it according to the system time of your Mac. The ‘Sun’ mode also takes different seasons into account. As a result, the wallpapers choose a lower sun in winters, than in summers.

As mentioned above, the service also allows you to create wallpapers of your own. But, at the time of writing this article, there are a few bugs that can cause trouble during this process. So, in this article, we are only going to demonstrate the process of downloading images and setting them as Dynamic Wallpapers on your Mac.

Once you find the right fit for your dynamic wallpaper, tap on the image and hit the ‘Download’ option below it. A thing to note here is that the file size for these images is quite large since they are in ‘heif’ (Hight Efficiency Image Format). An HEIF image is capable of storing high-quality individual images or image sequences with up to twice as much information as a JPEG image of roughly the same size.

dynamic wallpaper club 1

Installing Dynamic Wallpapers on Mac

1. Open the folder (you just downloaded the image to), copy it, and paste to Mac > Library > Desktop Pictures.
2. Next, open System Preferences and go into Desktop & Screen Saver.
3. Here, on the left pane, under Apple, select Desktop Pictures.
3. On the right pane, choose the image (you copied in the first step) under ‘Dynamic Desktop’.
4. Now, hit the dropdown menu (next to the small image preview) and choose ‘Dynamic’.

That’s it!

Now you have the new dynamic wallpapers that change through the course of the day.

Currently, the service is available in beta. So it’s likely that you might notice some bugs or weird behaviors. In case you come across one, you can report it to the developers via mail [[email protected]] or Instagram []. Also, if you like their work, you can show them some support via donations on PayPal.

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