A few days back, hands-on images of the upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL surfaced online, which got people all hyped up and restless for the new smartphones. Similar to last year, when leaked hands-on videos for the Pixel 3 started pouring a month before its launch, we now have a few of them for the Pixel 4 this time around. The new videos substantiate on the previously leaked images and offer a glimpse of some of the new features like Smooth Display, Ambient EQ, and more.

pixel 4/4xl leaked hands-on video hints at new colors, 90hz display, and more - pixel 4 leak

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that the details for Pixel 4 are out. As, soon after the leaked renders for the Pixel 4 started surfacing online, Google went out of its way and teased an image of the Pixel 4 on its official Twitter handle.

As of now, there are a few leaked hands-on videos for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. Out of these, the two videos that offer better in-depth insight of the devices come from the courtesy of two YouTube channels: ‘AnhEm TV’ and ‘Rabbit TV’. Since these videos are in a different language (Vietnamese, probably), it’s hard to pick the various details and specifications that have been discussed. So take these details with a pinch of salt.

First, let’s talk about the video from ‘AnhEm TV’. The hands-on video appears to be of a Pixel 4XL in white color, with black edges all around. It hints at three different color options: Black, White, and Coral. And shows a triple-camera setup in a square-shaped module on the rear, similar to the iPhone 11 (but with a different alignment). Furthermore, the video shows a fully-functioning device with the user going in-and-out of the camera and settings app, which highlights at a 90Hz ‘Smooth Display’ that dynamically switches to 60Hz based on the app in use and ‘Ambient EQ’ that automatically adjusts the display’s white balance based on surrounding light, similar to Apple’s True Tone display.

Talking about the second video, which comes from the YouTube channel ‘Rabbit TV’, two guys can be seen talking about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL, with three phones in White, Black, and Coral color lying face down on the table. The video shows the same color options as the first video, which pretty much confirms the color options that the Pixel 4/4 XL will offer. Further, there are two screenshots of the device’s system settings and camera settings, attached to the end of the video (at around 13:25). The system settings screenshot shows some of the details like the build, manufacturer, model, display refresh rate, and more. Whereas, the camera screenshot hints at supported sensors, camera resolution (front and back), sensor size, different focus modes, supported image formats, etc. In addition to these details, the video also shows a camera comparison between the Pixel 4 XL and 3 XL in normal, night sight, portrait, and selfie mode.

At this moment, some rumors suggest October 15 as the launch date for Pixel 4, which is almost more than a month away. But, with leaks starting to pour in so early, it seems there’s more coming in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for further updates.

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