Mi Smart Band 4 v/s Mi Band 3: Should You Upgrade?

by: - Last updated on: September 17th, 2019

Xiaomi has dominated the fitness band segment in India with its Mi Band series by following a philosophy that has worked so well for them. Attractive features at even more attractive prices. The Mi Smart Band 4 is now here and improves upon the foundation laid by the Mi Band 3 last year and aims to provide a “smarter” experience in a similar package. If you’ve got a Mi Band 3, is it worth upgrading to the Mi Smart Band 4? Let’s answer that for you.

mi smart band 4 v/s mi band 3: should you upgrade? - mi band 4 vs mi band 3 2

Similar design, Refreshed look

The Mi Smart Band 4 has a design that looks very similar to that of the Mi Band 3. While the strap is essentially the same, the tracker now has a flatter look and does away with the dimple-like touch-sensitive button on the front for a circular sign. While this is a matter of personal taste, we prefer the more rounded and curved look of the Mi Band 3. The Mi Smart Band 4 is also slightly thicker but it’s not that evident during everyday use. In terms of design, the Mi Band 3 in our opinion still holds the upper hand.

Color color which color do you choose?

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The display is where the first major difference is evident. The Mi Smart Band 4 has a colored AMOLED display compared to the dot-matrix OLED panel on the Mi Band 3. The colored display makes it all the more interactive and allows for custom watch faces and funky icons. While it’s certainly not a deal-breaker, the colored display looks more attractive and this is where the Mi Smart Band 4 edges past the Mi Band 3. The Mi Smart Band 4 also has better touch controls when compared to the Mi Band 3.

Cool new features!

The Mi Smart Band 4, as the name suggests has some smart tricks up its sleeve. You can now control your music right from the band itself instead of pulling out your phone from your pocket each time. There’s also an option to silence incoming calls. Along with the accelerometer on the Mi Band 3, the Mi Smart Band 4 also adds a gyroscope to help with better accuracy so if you work out a lot and go on runs, you will certainly appreciate this extra addition.

mi smart band 4 v/s mi band 3: should you upgrade? - mi band 4 review 5

Some other features like alarms, stopwatch, timer, weather forecast, silencing your phone, finding your phone, etc. are common to the Mi Band 3 as well. The way notifications are shown are similar too, and there’s no difference in the way the band is controlled using the app.

Same great Battery Life

The Mi Band series has been known to last more than 20 days or even up to a month on a single charge and both the Mi Band 3 and Mi Smart Band 4 are proven performers. Both trackers can last upwards of 20 days even with plenty of notifications throughout the day, so there’s nothing separating the two in terms of battery life.

Should you upgrade?

mi smart band 4 v/s mi band 3: should you upgrade? - mi band 4 vs mi band 3 3

Unless you really need the extra functionality that comes with the Mi Smart Band 4, mainly the ability to control music and to set custom watch faces, the Mi Band 3 still holds its own and does not warrant an upgrade. The color display is fancy and the gyroscope adds a little more accuracy, but unless you don’t really mind spending a shy high of Rs. 2,200, the Mi Band 3 still does a fine job of tracking your workouts and delivering notifications, and it even looks better with those curves!

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