Honor announced the Honor Vision TV at the Huawei Developer Conference last month, and now the parent brand Huawei has announced its own version of the TV cum smart-hub, the Huawei Vision TV. The 4K TV, just like the Honor Vision runs on HarmonyOS, the brand’s home-brewed Operating System developed after it got into a soup with companies operating in the US, and hence had to let go of Android. Huawei is portraying it as an appliance that’s more than just a TV and here are some cool aspects about it.

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1. It’s Beautiful!

Huawei Vision TV is both enormous and gorgeous. There are two available variants at launch – 65-inch, and 75-inch with 55 and 85-inch models expected to come soon. The bezels are ever so thin and the panel uses quantum dot technology which produces superior image quality. The resolution is 4K and it adheres to 87% of the NTSC color gamut.

2. It’s Smart!

The Huawei Vision TV is powered by the Honghu 818 Intelligent Display Chipset which is essentially an octa-core CPU. The chip takes care of MEMC processing, HDR imaging, Super Resolution output, Noise Reduction, and Dynamic Contrast Improvement algorithms. These technologies combined to give rise to better overall image output in terms of contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Along with improving the media experience, the Honghu 818 also opens doors to a wide variety of AI features.

3. There’s a Pop-up Camera!

If you recently got yourself a smartphone with a pop-up camera, your TV might have one soon too! The pop-up camera on the Huawei Vision allows for video conferencing at 1080p and can even track body movements for certain applications. It’s also used for face recognition and when not in use, lowers itself into the TV.

4. Not just your average TV

The Huawei Vision is designed to act more like a smart home hub rather than just a television, and what this means is that you can control essentially any smart device in your home using the Huawei Vision TV. You can transfer content from and to your smartphone wirelessly using the information-sharing center onboard. Since it is connected to the ecosystem of products, you can control other smart home devices like lights, speakers, etc. using the HiLink service on the TV itself. Huawei is making this open-source so that other manufacturers can also implement this in their smart home products.

The entire idea of the Huawei Vision TV is to connect every gadget in your home to one another. Multi-device interaction, casting your phone’s screen to play games, using your phone as a trackpad or keyboard is all possible on the Huawei Vision TV.

5. The Remote is Cool too!

Not just the TV, but the remote that ships along with it is also quite cool. It has a minimal look with the mare minimum buttons but has a trackpad area which is very helpful in navigating through the UI on the TV, which otherwise is quite tedious with buttons. The remote charges of USB-C and has a dedicated button to project your phone screen onto the TV.

The Huawei Vision TV is the perfect smart home hub, in case you have already invested a lot into a smart home ecosystem. The ability to control all your devices using just one huge screen is surely more convenient. IoT is booming and the Huawei Vision TV contributes to it by enabling third-party manufacturers to also make use of their platform to provide a completely connected ecosystem. For now, looks like the Huawei Vision TV is limited to the Chinese market and there’s little chance it will make its way into India or any other market outside of China realistically.

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