Wireless Charging is generally considered as a luxury that is reserved for flagship smartphones. And while the majority of the smartphones skimp out on this feature, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of backlashes, as wireless charging majorly, is still rather slow. Yes, there are brands like Xiaomi and Huawei who are upping the wattages to match wired charging solutions, but that technology has not been made mainstream as of yet. More popular brands like Samsung and Apple still charge at 7.5W or 10W. However, this does not take away from the fact that wireless charging can be convenient at times. All you have to do is rest your phone against a pad and that’s pretty much it. This can be handy when you are at your desk or you are just too sleepy at night to plug in your phone.

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Either way, wireless charging is here to stay, and the Stuffcool WC510 wireless charger is an accessory you must consider if your phone supports wireless charging. It comes with a minimal design, support for Qi charging technology, up to 10W of output, a USB-C port and a phone-stand design which is more practical than the lay-flat design of generic wireless chargers. Let’s talk about all these aspects in detail.

Design and Build Quality

Since a wireless charger is generally a desk accessory, the design can be an important factor for many. The Stuffcool WC510 wireless charger has a simplistic design and comes in two colors – A stealthy black which we personally prefer, and a white variant that we received for review. While the white does look elegant, it is easier to get dirty and doesn’t blend in too well if you have a setup with a lot of darker elements.

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The material used in the construction of the charger is soft rubberized plastic which feels good to touch. The charger feels sturdy and there is a rubberized grip at the bottom to hold your phone in place. There is also an LED indicator on the front to show the charging status. The Stuffcool WC510 looks minimal, feels robust and that’s exactly what one would expect from an accessory like this.


There’s not much to speak about the functionality of a charger! There’s a USB Type-C port at the back which is great. It ensures you can even use your existing smartphone charger to power the wireless charger. It takes an input of 5V/2A or 9V/2A and gives out an output of up to 10W if your phone supports it. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ for example charges at 10W, whereas the iPhone 11 Pro has a maximum input of 7.5W. For a Qi Certified wireless charger that’s relatively affordable, these are the standard specifications.

For comparison, the Galaxy Note10+ charges in about 1 hour and 15 minutes using the default wired charger rated at 25W and when charged using the Stuffcool WC510 wireless charger, it takes about 3 hours. Yes, the duration is more than half, but wireless charging, at least as of now, is more about convenience than speed. If you charge your phone overnight, leaving it on the wireless charger will do the trick as you’re not worried about how quick your phone charges.

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Stuffcool claims to be using dual coils in order to increase efficiency, and there are also some safety mechanisms in place to prevent over-voltage. The wireless charger is also case compatible with cases up to 6mm in thickness. Any device with Qi Wireless Charging support can be used with this wireless charger. Stuffcool is offering 6 months of warranty with this device against manufacturing defects which is good.

Should you get it?

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Other than the fact that your phone takes unusually long to charge and there is some heat dissipation you would observe due to induction losses, there doesn’t seem to be any cons of the Stuffcool WC510 wireless charger. It works just the way it is intended to and looks minimal but feels premium. The Stuffcool WC510 Wireless Charger can be purchased for Rs. 2,999 from Amazon India. Now, there are other affordable options from rather unknown brands that provide a similar set of features, or even more in some cases which puts the Stuffcool WC510 slightly on the back foot. However, Stuffcool is a slightly more premium brand so you pay for that extra reliability. If you have a lower budget, you can check out our compilation of the best affordable wireless chargers and then arrive at a decision.

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